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  1. Opinion on vinyl wrap.

    Hi. I just need your opinion guys. I have a black 2019 civic hatch sport and Im planning to vinyl wrap my front grill with satin black but im not sure if it's worth doing since my front grill is already in gloss black. So is it better to wrap it with satin black vinyl or just stick with the...
  2. Hub centric ring

    Hey guys! Just need a help here. It's my first time changing my rims tomorrow and im not sure if i need to buy hub centric rings or not anymore. I do have a 2019 civic hatch sport and Im running a stock 18 rims rn. Im changing it to an 18" enkei t6s rims. I have no idea if i need to put hub...
  3. Plannig to change rim and tire size. Needs suggestions please.

    Guys, just need a very helpful suggestion and advice. I have 2017 civic hatchback lx and im planning to change my tire. Which is better? Mine is just 16", dont know if i can do an 18" or just the 17". I really dont have any idea cause this is my first car. Thanks in advance!