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  1. Texas WTB Front end body parts

    2019 Type R I'm looking for a few things, stock is fine. Located in Houston, Texas. Shipping is necessary unless within the vicinity. Picture shows all parts other than the inner fenders. I need: Inner fenders for both sides Front lip Lower grill vent covers for each side bottom pan If you...
  2. Type R fender for Sport

    Is there an aftermarket Type R fender made that will allow me to put Type R side skirts on a standard hatchback? I've spoken with a few vendors and the answer is either no, or unclear.
  3. ISO washer sprayers 2019 Sport hatch

    Both my sprayers got plugged and figured I'd try here before going to the dealership.
  4. 2019 Civic Hatch build

    Figured I will try and show my build here. If I can remember to update it that is. I bought this car in April and primarily looking for appearance now. At least until the warranty is over or I get braver as time passes. I like the looks of the Type R but I put miles on my car. I've had it for 7...
  5. Satellite Radio swap?

    My Sport did not come with a satellite radio and for the past 12 years, I've lived on it. I know I can pair my phone but that isn't working bc my car won't keep it charged. I drive 100 miles a day and want the satellite. Has anyone swapped a stock satellite radio into their car? Dealer told me...
  6. Side sills different on Type R?

    I'm looking into body mods on my Sport. I like the Type R but with 3 kids in college,and life, can't drop the extra 20K. Plus I wan the car to be my own. So bumpers and fender flares are pretty straight forward but the side sills have me wondering. I can't seem to find a different Honda part...