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  1. 10th gen Grille Extension Question

    think i found it... is it the clip that the eyebrow clips onto?
  2. 10th gen Grille Extension Question

    ah ok, i thought you were asking about the eyebrows lol im looking through the headlights section but not seeing that specific piece listed anywhere...hmm
  3. 10th gen Grille Extension Question

    here it is

    try Absdynamics they sell a decent fk8 spoiler that will fit other hatch trims
  5. Anyone know of a direct replacement trunk spoiler for the FK7 hatch?

    I haven't seen anything at all like that, im constantly checking ebay, hirev and procivic but all i've come across are duckbills. there is the sportline spoiler that was available in the uk that has rep's on ebay now. I
  6. Ivory interior door panel conversion

    no problem! i eventually will do it myself too ol
  7. color matching a wrap to factory paint?

    hmmm don't know what can be done but you can do something similar to my Itasha, just have the graphics printed and have the shop do contour cutting. but i imagine you want something to cover and protect the original paint? EDIT: you can clear bra the hood and than do the itasha on top of it...
  8. Side skirts & diffuser for hatchback!

    I have a 17 hatch, with.... ABS Dynamics TYPE-R STYLE FRONT FRONT LIP CARBON ASSCENT ABS Dynamics TYPE-R STYLE Sideskirts. you will have to get them painted gloss black unfortunately. i do not recommend the abs dynamics side skirt since the mounting tabs are stupid and flimsy these ones are...

    oof yea that's bad, i'll try and get some pics of my install, hopefuly it can help a little
  10. Dimensions of sedan rear glass? why wouldnt this this roof spoiler fit on coupe?

    hmm maybe cut the middle section out and keep the two pointy ends, could also buy the tiny vortex generators separately haha

    kinda hard to explain but i put the tape near the edge of the inside edge, i had my cousin do the drilling, before we drilled into the car, i pushed the sideskirt against the rockerpanel, while i held it into place he drilled the self taping screws into place. also the tabs that go under the...

    can you get a picture? I have the same sideskirts they fit great for me edit: found older pics of the install
  13. [CLOSED] Pre-Order Sale | Head Lights & Tail Lights

    damn feels bad, got the wrong ones and now will have to wait till next week?????
  14. [CLOSED] Pre-Order Sale | Head Lights & Tail Lights

    lmao best part of the shipment right there, everybody needs scissors haha
  15. [CLOSED] Pre-Order Sale | Head Lights & Tail Lights

    quick reaponse! thanks. i just dropped off the package and email with the tracking number. order 6178
  16. [CLOSED] Pre-Order Sale | Head Lights & Tail Lights

    yea its pretty upsetting, i was ready to clear bra then and install tjem but now i gotta wait even longer now.
  17. [CLOSED] Pre-Order Sale | Head Lights & Tail Lights

    got the headlights......BUT ITS THE WRONG ONES! I got the deluxe headlights and not the Demon eye ones,.... edit: i preordered the Demon eyes amd got the deluxe instead. order 6178
  18. [CLOSED] Pre-Order Sale | Head Lights & Tail Lights

    wooo just got my Shipping confirmation email, hyped!
  19. Center Exhaust Solution for Civic Hatchback Ex

    get the OEM 2020 sport rear diffuser//valance part # 71502-TGG-A70 Hondapartsnetwork