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  1. Texas ISO/WTB: Stock 18” Tires

    Anyone swap out their wheels and tires and wants to get rid of them, hit me up! Looking for new or used tires. I’m in Austin TX, but willing to drive. let me know! :-)
  2. Texas ISO/ WTB: Si Stock Goodyear Tires (summer or all-season)

    Title says it all. I’m located in central Texas. Don’t mind driving to Dallas or even Houston. If you’ve upgraded your Si wheel set up and looking to get rid of your stock tires, hit me up! Thanks! Joel
  3. Rally Armor Mudflaps for Hatchbacks (Finally!)

    Here you go!
  4. Sport Touring Tweeter Sails

    Anyone know the part number for the Sport Touring Tweeter sails for the front of the car? Thanks in advance! Joel
  5. Morimoto HID Elite Kit

    For sale I have a Morimoto HID Elite Kit with 5500k bulbs. I also have a pair of Kensun 5000k bulbs that were never used that I will throw in for free. It doesnt come with the relay harness. The relay harness isn’t necessary, but’s recommended. But you can get that from The Retrofit Source for...
  6. What’s Too Stiff? (BC Racing Coilovers)

    I’m buying a set of BC Racing BR coilovers. I’m only looking to drop the car no more than an inch max. I’m mostly using these for street driving. These coilovers have spring rates of 8kg/7kg (F/R). Is that considered too stiff for daily street driving in SoCal? Thanks!
  7. Best Dealer In SoCal for Warranty Work?

    Anyone have any suggestions/recommendations? Thanks!
  8. Do FC and FK (sedan/Hatch) share the same springs?

    I’m looking to purchase Tein HTECH springs. But, all their website offers is for the FC (sedan) body style. If I were to purchase those, would they fit into my FK7 (Hatchback? Thanks in advance! Ps. I see that they offer the ability to order springs with specific sizes and specs. I like that...
  9. FS: 18” Continental ContiPro Contact Tires 5K miles (Sport OEM Tires)

    18” Continental ContiPro Contact Tires 235/40/18 91w. Only 5K miles on them. Took them off my 2017 Civic, so they’re practically brand new. $250 SoCal local Pick up. Joel (Ps. I also have them on Offer Up for a lot higher, but giving the CivicX Community a cheaper price. :) )
  10. WTB Feeler: Civic Touring Sedan 17” Wheels

    I’m looking to see what someone would sell their Civic Touring Sedan 17” for. Not ready to buy necessarily. But If the price is right, I’d take them. Let me know!
  11. WTT: Type-R Sway Bar for Si Sway Bar (in SoCal)

    Tittle says it all. I currently have it installed on my sport. If you have an Si and want to swap for the Type R bar, we could meet up at a shop and have them do the work (or if you’re able to do the work, we could go that route) Let me know if you’re insterested. Thanks! Joel
  12. Downsizing from 18” to 17”

    I have the Sport and would like to go down in size from an 18” wheel to an 17”, Mainly to get a more comfortable ride: - What wheel specs are ideal? - What size tires are ideal? - Most improtantly, will going to a 17” wheel actually give me a softer, more comfortable ride? Thanks in...
  13. How to figure out proper psi?

    I have a Civic Sport with the ContiPro tires. I recently change the tires to the Goodyear Eagle Sport that are stock in the Si. Does anyone know what psi these Goodyear should be at? Should it be the same as the Si @ 32psi? Thanks in advance!
  14. WTB: OEM Si Tires (Goodyear)

    If you’ve recently swapped your Si wheels with after market wheels and want to sell your tires, hit me up! I’m interested in buying your Goodyear Si OEM tires. Thanks!
  15. Type R Sway Bar In Sport Causing Oversteer

    Honestly, I upgraded the sway bar in my Sport Hatch to the Type R sway bar without really knowing what results I would get. I noticed that turns are quicker and peppier. However, one time going at speeds of around 75 mph, I made a quick slight turn to avoid another driver hitting me, but it...
  16. Linear vs Progressive

    Are the OEM springs in the civics Linear or Progressive? Thanks!
  17. FS: OEM (RED) Illuminated Door Sill and Ambient Lighting

    Selling both Illuminated Door Sills and Ambient Lighting kits in RED. Brand new, in box, and never installed Door Sills: $215 + shipping/PP fees Ambient Light: $90 + shipping/PP fees It's my understanding that the red Illuminated door Sills are discontinued? Not sure if it's true or not. But...
  18. FS: 18" OEM Black Sport Wheels (minor scuff)

    Not for sale anymore.
  19. HID Light Shaking

    I installed Morimoto HID kit in my sport. The passenger side light shakes whenever I hit a bump on the road. Is this normal? Joel
  20. Installed Morimoto HID, Warning Lights?

    So, I changed the battery and installed Morimoto HID. However, all the warning lights came on. Will they go away after driving for a while? Do I have to reset the computer??? Joel