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  1. Georgia FS: Maperformance exhaust, down pipe and front pipe

    Correct the stealth exhaust listed is a v clamp style meaning at the minimum you would require a v clamp style front pipe.
  2. Georgia FS: Maperformance exhaust, down pipe and front pipe

    Looking to go back to stock, so selling a few things. All prices are obo shoot me a pm with an offer, but please no low balls. Willing to ship anything at buyers expense. - MAPerformance stealth exhaust $550 - MAPerformance down pipe SOLD - MAPerformance front pipe - SOLD
  3. WTB Ktuner v2

    Same guy scammed me as well, he’s now in the thousands of dollars off this forum. Something has to be done, because that’s just straight ridiculous. Anyone have any police buddies that will run this down?
  4. Buyer Beware

    I’ll be doing a police report, if you want to do one as well the number he provided me was 786-448-9243. Below are the names he provided me through PayPal and cash app. Might not do us any good, but I’d hate for there to be someone else. - Luis Banos - Melissa Rojas
  5. Buyer Beware

    Yeah, I’ve already filed a dispute with my bank hope it works. Sucks that it’s happened to more than one of us, because now the low life is profiting. I have his number you think there’s any way to bring legal action against that? I know it’s only $350, but people like that should honestly be...
  6. Buyer Beware

    Wishing I had looked at yours before, but yeah same email he used for the first transaction. Which he refunded and then sent me a different one. What’s frustrating is that he even texted me, continuously up until it posted then nothing. There has to be a better way to monitor who actually joins...
  7. Buyer Beware

    I’d like to preface this by saying, that honestly it’s my fault for not going ahead and buying a new ktuner, as well as not pulling the plug once it got skecthy and boy does it get sketchy. Nonetheless, I’d like to warn others, just in case. First thing is first I tried to buy a ktuner from...
  8. WTB Ktuner V1.2

  9. WTB Ktuner V1.2

    Interested in a ktuner, pm me with any for sale. PayPal ready.