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  1. Fuel Pump/ Tank Repair

    Wasn't sure where to post this, and nor does this apply to my 10th Gen, but rather my 9th; but has anyone had this sort of repair in the past for any of their cars? Is this something that can be covered through insurance? And anyone have a price range of this sort of repair?
  2. DMV Si Drivers?

    Hey guys, anyone driving 6MT around? How bad is the rowing in DC rush hour? I'm just trying to get an idea if it's worth a hassle of getting an Si just to sit in traffic.
  3. Civic Si vs Elantra Sport vs FoST vs GTI vs WRX

    I'm looking for a new car in the coming months, and am looking for something more performance oriented. I know all have their flaws, whether it be price, features, mechanical stuff (i.e. clutch, turbo, etc.), but which is the all around best car?
  4. Good Service Centers in the DMV?

    So, I have had pretty bad service history in our area, and have been trying to find the best Honda service center. I live closest to Pohanka Honda, where the stripped the oil pan of my 13 Civic, and then blamed me for "scrapping it (car is not lowered nor has it ever been), and I pretty much...