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  1. starting new biz; working for others $uck$ !!

    Looking to start a restaurant business. got about 1/4 mill. question is i want to start something that isn't too common at all so that is a certain bottleneck, not funding. first off, who here hates working for someone, i mean it is the absolute pitts for me and has been for years and...
  2. New Car Alert: your oil may be overfilled

    Just a Word to the Wise from a recent 10th gen owners. Not sure if this applies to the US build sedans and coupes since I own a hatch. Either that or it is very hard to measure the level from the stick. In my case, it was modestly overfilled from factory and my change at the dealer.
  3. Las Vegas shooting

    Lets have a moment of silence for the shooter(ing) in Las Vegas. He was on the 32nd floor and managed to take out 58 people and wound 100s and 100s of people. His name is Steven Paddock. Make your presence known by typing "I, here" to this thread.
  4. Anyone job at Fed Ex or UPS?

    Anyone job at Fed Ex or UPS? as a driver? How is it.
  5. heat soak with honda 0w-20 semi-s

    Anyone in a hot climate experiencing any heat soak using bulk Honda oil. I wouldn't trade the oil in for the world since I am trying to extend the break-in but it seems the FF oil was better than this bulk oil but thems are the breaks when you go OEM semi-s.
  6. civic starts up FAST with no cranking

    Wanted to Informal Poll on if you think the starter on the civic is super fast and no cranking delay. Thumbs up! No need for even push button start, it is that fast.