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  1. 2017 Civic Sedan EX-L 1.5T ticking noise at high speed 65+mph

    The noise is now happening at even lower speeds. Any thoughts?
  2. 2017 Civic Sedan EX-L 1.5T ticking noise at high speed 65+mph

    I was able to record the noise on the highway. Due to road noise a bit difficult to hear but when I put my ear close to the speaker it's clearly there. Is it possible that this is a bearing?
  3. Passenger side area rattle 55mph+

    I was able to record the noise on the highway, due to road noise I can only hear it when I put the ear close to the speaker but it's definitely there. Is it possible this could be a bearing? Thank you.
  4. 2017 Civic Sedan EX-L 1.5T ticking noise at high speed 65+mph

    Thank you for input will give it a look later.
  5. 2017 Civic Sedan EX-L 1.5T ticking noise at high speed 65+mph

    Nope. No guards at all. I took the door panel off. Can’t find anything. Took the pillar next to the windshield off. Took out the glove box. So weird and frustrating
  6. 2017 Civic Sedan EX-L 1.5T ticking noise at high speed 65+mph

    Ran into the same issue 2017 civic. Roughly 60+ ticking increases can’t figure it out for the life of me. Was anyone able to ever find the cause?
  7. Passenger side area rattle 55mph+

    First attempt I actually ended up removing the A pillar to see if it was that and drove with it removed and persisted. Hard to tell if it’s coming from the door or from the dash. Will definitely check tomorrow your comment to see if any leaves are stuck. Might ask someone to drive it on the...
  8. Passenger side area rattle 55mph+

    Hello all. For the past few weeks noticed a rattle on my passenger side when driving over 55mph or so. It's a consistent rattle I checked the glove box, the pillar by the windshield (removed it completely and drove without it), I turned off the radio to see if speaker related but still...
  9. Keyless Entry Beep - no longer beeps

    Hello. I’m running into the same issue and it’s just the faintest of beeps. Where exactly is this part located? Thank you.
  10. Fuel fill area not draining

    I went to the gas station yesterday and after a rainy day I noticed the fuel fill area does not drain, the small hole seems to have clogged somehow. I got rid of the water with a paper towel and poured a cup of water to see if the water just stays there and it does. Any idea where does this...
  11. 2018 Si Fuel Filler drain hole

    The other day I went to get gas and opened the fuel door, water was built up and it doesn't drain, what can I do about it I have no idea how to try to unclog it? Thank you
  12. How much for CVT fluid change? Also, better to DIY?

    I am getting ready to do the CVT fluid change and will replace both washers for the drain bolt and the check bolt. I am pretty sure the part # for the drain bolt washer is 90471-PX4-000 but have no idea what the part # is for the check bolt, the bolt right above the drain bolt, can anyone help...
  13. Issue with pandora

    recently having issues with CarPlay pandora. It won’t stay on the now playing screen as soon as a song finishes it backs up to the station select screen. If I hit now playing as soon as that song is finished it’ll go right back to previous screen. I deleted and reinstalled pandora and did a...
  14. Front grille coming apart.

    My initial attempt was double sided tape but it failed ended up taking off the bumper and using zip ties and to this day good
  15. Front grille coming apart.

    Yep endless cycle that’s why I just complained to Honda of America and never bothered going to dealer. Several of my friends had their bumpers replaced and it started happening again. I just went with the zip tie fix and figured factory paint is better than any shop
  16. Front grille coming apart.

    Curious what parts they had to order and what they tell you. The only part that they would have to order is the actual bumper and then have it painted.
  17. Front grille coming apart.

    Yea they never resolved it just a poor design. Seen it on all civics 2016-2018 from sedans, hatchbacks, coupes and type rs. But mostly on the hatchbacks for whatever reason. A while back one guy posted a diy fix its great and works 100% if you don’t mind trying to take off the bumper. If you do...
  18. Front grille coming apart.

    I've noticed it on very very few sedans, mostly hatchbacks.
  19. Front grille coming apart.

    Did you end up taking it again? or leave it as is? Do you have any photos by chance?
  20. My 2017 Hatchback Dash Rattle Thread

    Got a constant rattle while driving dash area. Heading to the dealer first this tomorrow.