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  1. Maintenance need some help!

    You can't change the brake fluid without bleeding. There's no way to get the fluid out of the brake lines other than by bleeding.
  2. Maintenance need some help!

    I looked at some aftermarket engine air filters & cabin air filters and some cost more than OEM. I bought OEM filters from this Honda dealer via Ebay and each was about $19 last year, with free shipping. They're a real Honda...
  3. A/C issues post repair

    Not all AC condensers are made in the same factory & I was wondering if the problem ones came out of the same location. Take a look at this thread which shows photos of the part number & country where the condenser was made...
  4. Do I need premium gas?

    In some parts of the country, such as CA from what I've heard, premium is 91 octane. They don't have 93 octane. I'm in IL and never see 91. We have 87, 89, 93.
  5. Civic Vs New Integra

    Last year I was looking online at 2021 Corvettes & they all appeared to be marked up at least $5K. This one was crazy, a 35K upcharge. Doesn't mean they'd get it but it's a high point to start from.
  6. Civic Vs New Integra

    Didn't need a big screen to use a radio.
  7. Civic Vs New Integra

    Shouldn't need to look at a screen & take my eyes off the road in the first place. How did I ever manage to drive dozens of cars before they had screens? IOW what important or necessary information is the screen showing me that I was missing with non-screen vehicles?
  8. Why do people prefer FWD?

    The supercharged V8 CT5-V Blackwing RWD manual trans is still listed on the Cadillac website. Here’s one at a dealer...
  9. Why do people prefer FWD?

    I just checked the CT4-V Blackwing & it still shows on Caddy's website. Here's one in transit to a dealer...
  10. Why do people prefer FWD?

    In the USA there is the Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing RWD and CT5-V Blackwing RWD, both available with a 6-speed manual transmission.
  11. Civic Condenser can last only three years?

    Someone needs to have a friend who works at a Honda dealer & have them look at whatever defective condensers they have stacked up somewhere in a back room & see where they were made.
  12. Civic Condenser can last only three years?

    If possible ask the dealer if you can see the defective part & get a look at the part number tag to see where is was made & if was made by Keihin as shown in the above photos.
  13. Civic Condenser can last only three years?

    The Civic replaces my wife's 1989 Camry where she was the original owner. I added a can of R12 refrigerant when it was 24 or 25 years old. That lasted a few more years & the AC was starting to act up before we replaced it with the Civic. I had high expectations for the Civic's quality because...
  14. Civic Condenser can last only three years?

    Thanks again for the information. I realize not every car with an A01 condenser gets it replaced. However I never had to replace a condenser in any car. Will just have to hope for the best.
  15. Civic Condenser can last only three years?

    Thanks - Here's a photo of mine. Does not end in A01 or A02 but does have an A011 in the number. Does ending in A01 mean any number with an A01 near the end or literally ending in A01?
  16. Civic Condenser can last only three years?

    Thanks for the information. My Civic was made in Japan & I'm curious who made the condenser. Is there any way to see the sticker with the number or supplier on it? Maybe using a mirror?
  17. Civic Condenser can last only three years?

    Just curious, does anyone that had an AC condenser replaced had it done on a car made in Japan? From what I've seen, there doesn't seem to be too many 10th Gen Civics made in Japan. I was wondering if they used a different supplier.
  18. What is this sensor in the bumper?

    Here's what my PC shows.
  19. What is this sensor in the bumper?

    I viewed it the other day when it first showed up but have no idea what it is. The forum shows you've had 137 views when I look it.
  20. Honda Orders Big Takedown of Honda-Related 3D Printing Models From Maker Communities

    I understand protecting their name. But stopping someone from making a speaker bracket or other small part seems really petty. The person who enjoys personalizing or customizing his car may just get PO'd and switch brands when the time comes.