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  1. California SOLD: PRL Catted Downpipe for Si 1.5T

    Used for about 500 miles or so before switching to a new turbo setup, so in very good condition. $325 + shipping. Open to pickup local in Los Angeles area. Downpipe only, no gaskets or hardware.
  2. Vanity Plates

    Couldn’t find an Si thread on what everyone had for vanity plates, so thought I’d start one. Just ordered mine earlier in the week after mulling over what I wanted to go with. Here’s what I’ll have in a whopping 8-12 weeks. My wife didn’t appreciate the play on words between “CBPSI” and “PSI”...
  3. Recent Posts Poll

    Is there a way to get rid of this poll when viewing Recent Posts? Slightly annoying having to always scroll past it to get to the posts. Thanks.
  4. OEM FK8 Grille Question

    Hi all - had a question about the OEM grille on the Type R. Since the grilles are interchangeable between FC1/FC3/FK8, I was looking into the possibilities of installing an FK8 grille on my Si. I tried out one of the honeycomb high flow grilles, but ended up not liking it and swapped back to...
  5. FS: 2020 Black Si Wheels / Tires (SoCal)

    Looking to sell my 2020 black Si wheels mounted with 235/40/18 Goodyear Eagle Sport tires. These have around 100 miles on them as I swapped over to HFP wheels the same week I bought the car, so they’re like new. No blemishes or rash. Will include the lug nuts that came with them. Starting out...
  6. My Crystal Black Pearl Si

    Got a wash and decided to take a few “proper” pictures. Loving this car.
  7. FS: PRL Short Ram Intake + (NEW) Cold Air Conversion

    Selling my (2017 Civic Si 1.5T) PRL Short Ram Intake with Street MAF housing which has around 150 miles on it and a brand new PRL Short Ram to Cold Air Conversion Kit. With this setup, you can either run the SRI or install as a full CAI since it’ll have hardware for both. I had planned on...