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  1. Yooo we added more HP to the SK2!!!!!

    What other mods should we do to this car?! Check out this sick collab we did with MAPerformance here!
  2. 2022 Honda Civic SI

    Did Honda ruin the Civic SI with their new 2022 model? ? Check out what Sean and Dakota have to say about it here!
  3. We're giving away an S2000!!!!!!!!

    My bad!!!! Just updated the thread!
  4. We're giving away an S2000!!!!!!!!

    Yoooooo! We just picked up a mint stock 2003 S2000! Of course we don't want to leave it stock :cool: so we've come to our Honda experts to get insight on what we should do to it! Give us some ideas! ? Oh, I forgot to mention, we're doing a full build giveaway! You can enter here! -->...
  5. Adjusting Coilovers

    Yo, what issues have you guys/gals ran into when adjusting your coilovers? Plenty of us here have shed blood, sweat and tears messing up. We want to hear your stories and if you have anything we can include in this blog to help others. Please let us know...
  6. Guide to everything coilover related

    We recently made a guide for other enthusiasts that covers a range of topics like What Are Coilovers, How To Adjust Coilovers, Adjusting Coilover Ride Height, and a hand full of other topics. We are looking for more personal experiences to throw in there. Drop a comment if you have any tips you...
  7. Fitment guide for 9th and 10th gen Civics

    This is what we feel is the best fitment for 9th and 10 gen Civics! Check out our blog! --> What kind of wheel and fitment specs is everyone else running? Let us know below!
  8. ► Official Civic SI Aftermarket Wheel and Tire Thread

    Just natural camber from lowering the vehicle :D!
  9. ► Gallery Madness | Fitment Industries

    What's going on CivicX Fam, I just wanted to take a second of your day and talk to you about the competition we will be hosting on our Instagram. The winner will receive a $500 gift card, and a signed Artisa wheel from all of us here at the FI Team. How to Enter? Have you car in our...
  10. Are "Real" wheels really worth it?

    Hey There! There is a bunch of awesome information getting exchanged in this thread! What you've written up is pretty accurate and boils down to what you'll be looking to get out of the car, of course everyone wants real big name wheels however the cost associated with getting the best of the...
  11. What's your SI looking like today?

    ? ? Love this picture!
  12. ► Official Aftermarket Wheel and Tire Discussion Thread

    Keep us posted on how they look when you get them installed! ?
  13. What's your SI looking like today?

    Aye that's what's up! Those are gonna look so clean ?
  14. ► Enkei Wheels Savings

    What's going on CivicX family, I just wanted to drop a thread to share some of the savings we are offering on select Enkei Wheels! 2019 HONDA CIVIC TYPE R (Joshua.fk8's) Enkei Ts-5 18x9.5 45 Michelin Pilot Sport A/s 3 Plus 255/40 Stock Suspension 2019 HONDA CIVIC SI (Denricksim's) Enkei...
  15. Need some help

    Yeah absolutely! We do not include hub rings with the purchase, however they should be available on our website if you want to add them to your order, or as stated above you can also go through VMR if you would like! Besides that yes you should also need Conical style aftermarket lugs to match...
  16. Need some help

    Hey! Yeah we have a huge selection of wheels + Tires and pictures to go with them on our site, If you're looking for a specific fit we have experts that can help you dial in your exact fitment as well. If you ever have any problems or questions just reach out to me and we can get you sorted my...
  17. Those with 17" wheels...

    So to keep it as flush as possible I would say around the +35 - +30 Range should get you close! Since you are specifically looking at 215 tires the closer to +30 the better!
  18. ► Official Civic SI Aftermarket Wheel and Tire Thread

    This wheel is a classic on just about any car you throw it on! Without exception it looks great on yours as well! ;)
  19. ► Official Civic SI Aftermarket Wheel and Tire Thread

    Love the Blue lugs, that setup is sick ?