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  1. Giulia owners make poor excuse saying redline is the reason they have poor 100 - 200 kph times compared to a Civic...?

    Okay... let's get real. There are many variables as to why a car in general does not perform well (engine design, tranny, gear ratios... driver =)) 100 - 200 kph. The Giulia 2.0t Q2 is ~ 15.8 seconds (according to fast laps) and the Q4 16.4 seconds. But if that were the case, all cars with ~6000...
  2. Look at all the current (as of today 5/1/22) Purchase in Progress of the CTR's on Carvana & Elantra N prices!

    Haven't look in a while but Wow! Reckon more peeps just don't care for the 2023 Type R. Then there's a vid about 60k (Australia and can't confirm this :)) for the 2023? $40k (in lbs) in the UK? That's 50k in US Dollars. Seems that car prices have turned around again and are heading back up...
  3. 2023 Nissan Z going for +60k in Canada? Ohhhh... talking to the dealership here... most likely will be +10k over MSRP to start and they'll be taking bids =)
  4. ...more pointless race vids...

    Okay... we're at the track today and we have a stock CTR vs. the new M3 Competition G80 Xdrive (automatic) in the 1/4 and 1/2 mile... now let's see who gonna win! LOL! Anyone have any senseless pointless race videos... post them all here :p Like this one... Ford Focus RS stock vs. 500 HP M4 ...
  5. SAY WHAT...!?

    Probably old news by now, but this can't be.... IT CAN'T BE! 47k for this Audi Lexus thingamuhbob VTi-LX ... man I hope the 11th Gen type R doesn't have this nowadays generic look'n ass on it! :/ So what's the price of the R going to be...? Anyone?
  6. The Civic Type R... best car you ever driven?

    I personally can say YES! Overall in every aspect... this car just blew me away. Time to reminisce on a great entertaining review of this car that most of you might have seen already:
  7. Fastest stock accelerating car in the world vs. SF90!

    Now remember... SF90 dips into the 9's doing the 1/4 mile :)
  8. Prices going up higher for the CTR!

    Yep! Even the ones on Carvana are all sold as off now for the asking prices finally! 2020's are the hottest ones to find because you get all the improvements from prior to 2019 but not @ 2021 price... you'll notice the gap ... 2018, 19's.. then 21's.. hardly any 2020's. Dealers ain't coming...
  9. California Spreen Honda Corona California 4 CTR's in your favorite colors... for MSRP?

    According to the salesman on the phone... but might be a different story when you go there to actually buy! 1 SBP, 2 Boost Blue's and one Yeller LE :) There going like hotcakes... get them while you can! LOL
  10. People accusing me of 'brake checking' on an open 3 lane road!

    Give me a break (npi). If I'm going 100mph and hitting the brakes to slow down to 40 mph because there's a red light coming up, don't pull up to me and tell me I'm brake checking your ass when the road was wide open with two other lanes to drive in. Damn straight I'm using the brakes (not as...
  11. Which car wins on the track... CTR or C63 S?

    Okay... so I go to the Mercedes Dealership and all the salesman are standing outside to give us the usual greeting... LOL! First thing I said to them... "I'll race any car you have on this lot over in Gopher Canyon!" Man did that spark off the male testosterone among everyone. The older guys...
  12. Pardon My Scotch!

    The 3 Stooges Shorts 1935 - Pardon My Scotch - YouTube =) =) =)
  13. The Koenigsegg Gemera is a Family Hypercar with 1700 Horsepower...

    Go 0 - 60 in under 2 seconds with your family aboard...
  14. I seen people taking their pet dog or cat in the car/truck with them... but this? I couldn't stop laughing man... this horse had to be drugged! Ain't the first time though since the horse seems used to it LOL!
  15. This ever happen to anyone...?

    Jump to 0:48 ... this would really suck!
  16. When was the last time you saw another Civic Type R on the road...?

    Seriously peeps... one thing I love about driving this car is that it's very unique. The last time I saw another R was last Wednesday in Temecula Ca... White one. Before this was another white one Saturday night in San Marcos with an Invidia Gemini cat-back. Before this was like months ago...
  17. CTR vs. Bike Canyon Carving

    Cool video showing how well this car handles the rough canyon roads in SoCal. Poor quality but you get the idea :)