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  1. Camshaft Upgrade

    Gained 37whp :O
  2. Question for people thinking 20 Inch (30 sidewall) is for show

    I've noticed almost all high performance cars are running 19-20 inch rims with 30 sidewalls. AWD - all around 30 sidewall or 30s just in the rear RWD - 30 sidewall on the rear wheels and 35 side walls in the front Fastest FWD (the chinese car) 30 series all around with 20 inch rims. It was...
  3. Active Sound Control on 17-19 Type R

    Is it possible to install the module on 17-19 model? I dont like how any of the exhausts really sound. I feel the active sound control + HVI will be perfect for me. Wondering if it's plug and play or not possible. Thank You!
  4. 5/32 tread left om stock conti

    Are these tires safe to drive at 5/32? I've had the car for 32,000km so far so suprised theres still tread left as 20,000 or so is summer driving and not winter lol. With the whole covid fiasco I cant seem to justify dropping 2300 on some new tires when winter is 5 months away and I only use...
  5. 275/30/19 vs 245/35/19?

    What do you guys think of running 275/30/19 for performance? I was thinking Titan7s 19x9.5 +45 on 275/30/19 this way I can get more grip + retain some of that sharp handling? Or would a 245/35/19 fair better?
  6. Rowen Exhaust

    What do you guys think?
  7. I have a really dumb question

    Ok... a lot of you will laugh BUT got a quick question. My winter tires are 18x8 | +35 | 5.114.3 | 64.1mm Will the lug nuts currently used with this tire work on the stock rim? I know this is a dumb question but I don't know much about tire installation/bolts patterns etc... LOL :')
  8. Honda Engineer States Adding a Bigger IC Won't Combat Overheating

    7:40 According to the engineer at honda research and development, adding a bigger IC just reduces the airflow that will hit the radiator, will lower intake temps briefly but increase water temp which will increase the temps of the whole engine thus will just raise the intake temps again. He's...
  9. Metallic screetch when turning wheel to the left

    Hey, When I turn my steering wheel to the left, I can hear some sort of screetching noise on the front left wheel. I looked at it but dont notice anything wrong? It's a screetching metal type noise but one that doesnt hurt the ears if that makes sense. The more lock I put on the steering wheel...
  10. P2261 Error Code Keeps Coming And Going

    Hey All, For the past 3 months I keep getting a P2261 error code (Turbocharger bypass control valve stuck closed). It comes and goes randomly. What should I be checking in my engine? I can't find any issues with loose wiring or nothing :s The code will go away if I reflash but it also goes...
  11. Car suddenly loses power in Comfort mode

    Hey, I copied the torque tables from +R into comfort mode and I've noticed in comfort the car feels like it suddenly loses a bunch of torque and it only happens once per gear. The sensation is like going from 200tq suddenly to 100 without any change in the throttle % WOT is fine, seems to...
  12. Car randomly breaking down

    PRL HVI Intake and Hondata 93 tune Few months ago after installing PRL intake the car wouldnt crank for a few days. Took it to a shop and they said fuel injectors were filled with gasoline. Today same issue occured, car would try to crank and nothing. Road side assistance tried boosting, no...
  13. Engine Cover Bolt Size?

    Hey I lost one screw for the Red engine cover. Just wondering if anyone knows the size?
  14. 0-60 Times

    Hey, Anyone have a 0-60 time with a tune and hondata traction control? Always been curious
  15. Knock count on tune. Is this too high?

    Hondata OTS 93 tune running 94 octane with 10% ethanol Partial Throttle Is a knock count of 4 too much? Usually during WOT there is no knock but this one time I got a knock count of 4 doing WOT WOT
  16. Can I use this ethanol in my vehicle?

    I KNOW ILL GET FLAMED BUT SOMEONE SAID CANADIAN TIRE JUST CALLS THIS BIOFUEL BUT ITS BASICALLY ETHANOL. I did some research and people are saying biofuel and ethanol are interchangeable terms and can be used either or. Just asking since theres no place to get Ethanol in Ontario...
  17. Does anyone's clutch make a screeching sound when WOT shifting?

    If I go WOT to redline and shift, I can hear some mechanical grind when I depress the clutch Sounds like running your nails on a chalkboard type sound Is this normal? Doesn't happen during normal shifting or light heart pulls
  18. How much more powerful does the Type R feel with Ktuner OTS Stage 1?

    Like with the stock si to TSP the car actually out you back in your seat. Is this the same with the Stage 1 for the Type R or does it just feel a little faster?
  19. Underbody on passenger side tore off

    Snow + Deep Rain ripped entire underbody on passenger side. Replacement was $249 after tax :thumbsdown:
  20. 4th Gear Lockout - Covered under warranty?

    Honda service it's.not.covered under warranty they will charge me $140 if Honda says it's not under warranty. I only had the car for a few days so I rather If I will get charged. Has anyone else taken their car in for this issue? Is it even worth it?