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  1. Import Evolution - Boston

    Anyone attending this Saturday? I'll be heading out of long Island around 930am If anyone in the tri-state or 5 boros area interested on linking up... Let me know
  2. Custom Battery Tie

    Hey guys, I've been working on a custom battery tie for our cars. For now I just layed it over the factory for hole line up purposes. The bar/rod will have the logo on it or a wording of choice. Here is a prototype. Colors are not officially set. who would be interested in this? Thanks
  3. Can your Civic Swim? DONT PARK YOUR CAR BY THE POOL....:eek:
  4. BodyKits by NKS

    Hey all so i recently just came across this site. If anyone is interested. Looks like they make the Type R AND other kits for the regular hatchbacks, Sedan and Coups and they paint match. take a peep also if you dont have a...
  5. Decals / Stickers by Siqc Cafe

    Welcome to the decals and more The decal is mounted on pearl metallic black which is on a opaque plexi. (for show only) But i can certainly make for anyone interested Sizes Please check with your local county/state what the height requirement is if your putting the large...
  6. 2017 Civic Hatch possible issue

    Hello all sorry if really long... so i recently have a new 2017 Civic Hatch EX-L (1 month old) is anyone noticing or hearing a (and ill try to explain the sound as best as i can) when breaking to a stop or slow down a hissing sound. a sound similiar to "smooth" as if rubing your hands...