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  1. Frequent tailgating

    Ok don't might me I'm a truck guy and I drive a Toyota Tundra as well I brought the 2016 Civic. The car does sits low to the ground I really can't see cars ahead of me like when I'm driving my truck I can see two three four five or more cars ahead of the person in front of me in a car. I don't...
  2. Window Tinting Behind Third Brake Light

    That doesn't make since When they cut the film they measure it from the outside window then they take the whole piece inside the car spray solution on the window and side it down in place. Had my done and you should always get one that has a life time warranty for as long as you own the car.
  3. Is it ok to take a car that has been wrapped to an automatic car wash?

    Always hand wash your car Car washes always say their not responsible for any damage. I went to one because I was in a different city and my truck needed a wash bad. They broke my antenna. But besides that it's better.
  4. Anyone noticing small rattles?

    I too have noticed small rattles from my driver door you can hear it right in my ear sometimes as I'm making a turn and if I have my window down not all the way when I'm closing the door a strange noise. I have had my car since March of this year noticed it back in May. I had others issues to...
  5. Front hood and roof easily bents

    This is something I have to get use to lol.
  6. Front hood and roof easily bents

    This one time for I was getting some bird dropping from the top of my hood by the windshield wiper arm using a microfiber cloth and was like ok.
  7. Front hood and roof easily bents

    Oh ok Thanks jus wondering seems like you have to be really carefully and not apply too much pressure in those areas.
  8. Front hood and roof easily bents

    Have anyone noticed while washing their car the hood and roof makes that sound like its bout to cave in?
  9. Outside black window trim

    303 products is the best been around since the early 80's.
  10. LX through EX-T owners: what do you think of the cloth?

    There are two kinds, I got the neoprene one which has the same material as a wet body suit it makes it water resistant and dirt comes right off. The other one is like a fleece material I believe it's priced @ $18.00.
  11. Turbo vs Sense......

    I had the same problem , I wanted the HS in the burgundy night but there hard to find because they don't make a lot of the burgundy night with HS in that color so my only option in stock was white , gray , or black, I went with gray the modern steel wasn't my choice at all for color but I wanted...
  12. LX through EX-T owners: what do you think of the cloth?

    Because it's says EX L the seats is not all leather it has leather trim so take that in consideration. I have the EX T it do feels cheap but cleans up easily, I spilled my drink on the passenger seat one day yeah i know was leaving the drive thru, It cleaned up easily. Also I noticed the seats...
  13. New civic guy

    Has anyone experience any problems with their infotainment system in the EX T model? My screen would flash off and on and it seems to only happen when I'm driving at night. Took it to dealer nothing can't find the problem. I was told it didn't happen while it was there,but was told the touring...