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  1. Best Window deflectors ??

    I honestly gave up on installing just cuz the rears were to complicated but might try what u did
  2. Best Window deflectors ??

    I dont think so but it’ll definitely look better with a chrome delete
  3. Best Window deflectors ??

    I recently got Weathertech window deflectors but the rears r so complicated to install with the clips… if anyone has any idea how to help plz do or if yall suggest any other brand let me know!!!
  4. Invidia for 2.0

    Anyone running a Invidia exhaust system for their 10th gen civic 2.0 non turbo???? If so how do you like it and how does it sound
  5. Wrap or paint rims?

    Which do u guys think is better and why? Also share ur experiences and process.. im just trynna see what my best bet thank yall
  6. Lowering rear coilovers 10th gen civic

    I just wanna slightly lower it, my spring perch sits above the springs but when I adjust the ring locks is the perch supposed to be moving the direction im turning the locks…. If not what am i doing wrong cuz i saw no change when doing that
  7. Lowering rear coilovers 10th gen civic

    I have bc coilovers br series n im just wondering to lower the rear suspension am i just adjusting the springs? And for which way to lower it?
  8. Clunk noise coming from front driver side suspension

    Lmfaooo i torqued everything to its correct weight n now im all good no clunk
  9. Clunk noise coming from front driver side suspension

    I recently installed bc coilovers and the set up was good until a week later i noticed a clunk/clicking sound coming from the front driver side suspension area… i had watched videos on what could be the problem but all those solutions didnt help everything is tight and locked i have to mention...
  10. Anyone using d2 racing springs??

    Im on 17 rn but i might go up to 18 and damn so i should just get coilovers then but i see mix reviews on coilovers for civic
  11. Duckbill spoiler??

    Just wondering if anyone has found a good duckbill spoiler for 10th gen civic sedan …. I found a few but they were made out of plastic and had to be taped on…. Im trynna find at least a bolt on so it doesnt go flying off
  12. How to get negative camber?

    I got d2 lowring springs so it’s about 1.7 front n 1.9 rear drop
  13. How to get negative camber?

    I wanna lower my car and get to a negative camber ,mostly rear (nothing too crazy) … what would i need ?? I have a 2016 civic
  14. Anyone using d2 racing springs??

    So i bought these springs for my 2016 civic sedan, says its 1.7 drop in front n 1.9 in the rear. Is anyone using these springs and if so can u give feedback on them. I wanna lower my car already and im on 17 inch rims so would i rub a lot ?? If you got pictures too plz share id love to see how...
  15. Will a aftermarket catted downpipe work with ktuner?

    I have a 2016 honda civic lx cvt… so far i have a cai , exhaust and ktuner as far as power gains but im wondering if i get a catted downpipe would the ktuner work with it??
  16. Ktuner v2 screen freeze

    My ktuner keeps freezing randomly, it doesnt to it often but it gets annoying because in order for it to unfreeze i gotta unplug... anyone know the problem why its doing that?
  17. Unlocking ktuner...

    Okay cool was a bit worried
  18. Unlocking ktuner...

    So i just had got a ktuner n I pressed unlock on flashes but im not to sure if i was back to factory or not!!... im reading that the only way u can unlock is if u were in factory tune... but im not to sure it feels like its in its tune still... so if i was in a non factory tune n unlocked did i...
  19. Aem cai and ktuner?

    I have a aem cold air intake and just got a ktuner v2.... i read that the ktuner wont work properly with a cai only with a stock intake... is there any way to get the ktuner to work with the cai ??