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  1. Lesson Learned!

    Long story short, I purchased this exhaust from a vendor and they sent me an exhaust for the 2dr Si which ends up being about 5 in shorter on the Sedan. I put off extending it out and after doing a run against a Camaro SS I finally melted the rear bumper lol
  2. '19 FC1 Dyno Results @ Import Alliance Spring Meet Atlanta 2022

    Modifications: - PRL Cobra Intake (Race) - PRL Intercooler without charge pipes - TSP Stage 1+ @ MAP 3 - Koyorad Radiator - Borla S-Type Exhaust It was around 72F on a mobile Dyno. AFAIK the Si Dynos in around 180hp stock so I think I've made some considerable gains, what do you guys think...
  3. Avid.1 AV-06 Matte Bronze, best color match?

    Scuffed the wheels and want to touch them up myself, anyone know of any spray paint or touch up that matches this matte bronze? TIA.
  4. North Carolina WTB: HFP Side Skirts Si Sedan

    Color is not important but would prefer Crystal Black Pearl.
  5. CTR Center Panel Assembly Fit Si?

    Looking into buying this OEM CTR panel assembly with shift boot from here. Does anyone know if this will fit the Si? It appears to, just want to check. TIA.
  6. North Carolina FS: GT Style Wing

    Posting for a friend, comes off his 2019 Toyota Camry SE. Condition is used, no signs of major defects. Fitment shouldn't be a problem, I can get dimensions if requested. Asking $120. Local is very much preferred however, he is willing to ship at buyers expense, DM to work out the details...
  7. Effects of Ktuner Removal During Drive

    What are the effects of a Ktuner 1.2v coming out of it's port while driving? Asking for a friend. Thanks.
  8. Seibon CF GT Spoiler, Anyone Using it?

    I was having issues finding images online with the spoiler mounted on a Sedan, if you are using it can you share what it looks like? TIA. Bonus points if it's on a CBP Si Sedan :D
  9. Si Black Exhaust Smoke After Intake Install

    Installed the PRL Cobra CAI (Race MAF) and uploaded the TSP Stage 1+ (Race), was letting someone drive my Si the other day and when they would do a hard pull I noticed a puff of black smoke come from the exhaust. I'm sure I'm running rich but wasn't expecting that considering I am running the...
  10. Has Anyone Imported a CSX into the US?

    From the research I have done so far I will need a letter of compliance from Acura stating that the vehicle complies with all vehicle safety regulations etc. but is that after I purchase it or can I request that information prior to purchase? I also read that NAFTA countries don't pay any fees...
  11. Undisclosed FYI - Openbox Invidia Gemini Exhaust - 2017+ Si $629 If you're looking for one, this is a decent deal!
  12. 9th gen Ebay CAI, yay or nay?

    I received an Ebay CAI as a gift from a relative yeeeeears ago for my 2013 EX and it sat in the trunk since then. Finally discovered it after some time and want to know if it's even worth throwing it on. Will I hurt the engine? Tune? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  13. North Carolina FS: OEM Si Springs

    Around 36k miles, great condition. $70 Local Cash or Paypal G&S, buyer pays shipping. I'm at work so I don't have photos at this moment.
  14. Saturday Car Detailing Results (+New Product Review!)

    The weather was decent enough to go outside and show some love to the Si. The photos I am posting today are only the final result and skips a lot of the process of getting to the end result. One thing to note is that I didn't spend the entire time focusing on complete scratch removal, I spent...
  15. North Carolina 2012 MacBook Pro (+ Upgrades)

    I have a 2012 MacBook Pro that has been upgraded with a 500GB SSD and 16GB RAM. Excellent condition. Not in the Apple ecosystem anymore so I am looking to sell to a good home. You can dual boot with windows for managing your tunes or whatever you want to use Windows for. Includes charger. I'm...
  16. North Carolina FS: '19 OEM Si Wheels and Tires

    Wheels have been well maintained, a few scuffs but not noticeable. Tires are at about 70% life. Lugs not included. I'm asking $700 OBO. Cash only.
  17. North Carolina WTB Swift Spec R Springs ('19 Si)

    I have cash / Paypal G&S. Thanks.
  18. ABS Dynamics Side Skirts Review

    Installed the ABS Dynamics Type R style side skirts on the Si last week and although I am happy with how it looks I am not impressed with the mounting method and materials that come with the kit. The double sided tape that came with the kit is terrible. Its adhesion strength is weak. I went to...
  19. Photo Request - Crystal Black Pearl with Silver Wheels

    Having a hard time visualizing silver wheels on my CBP Si and I need opinions. I am looking at the Advanti Hybris in silver or AV-30s in dark grey. What do you guys think? TIA
  20. Color Change - LED Headlight Strip

    Apologies for the crappy title if it's confusing. I'm looking to upgrade the headlights on my '19 Si to the LEDs on the 2020...however... I am interested in having different color options for the LED strip that outlines the entire headlight (or something similar). I want to keep the LED the...