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  1. Florida SOLD Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs for Civic Si $130.00 Shipped

    Driven for about 10k miles, great condition switched to the Sportline version.
  2. Florida Set of 4 GarageLine 20mm Wheel Spacers $130.00 Shipped

    They were on the car for literally 1 day, practically new. Took them off as I bought aftermarket wheels so no longer needed. As you can see in the pictures they practically look brand new. Price firm.
  3. Customer Service

    You know it's very sad I have to post this here but I see no choice as I have tried to reach out to Garageline via email and via phone. I have not received a response regarding Order (#BQCEJSWRR) I asked them to call me back on my cellphone which I provided in the email and have not heard back...
  4. Suspension

    Eibach Sportlines lowering springs + 20mm spacers on stock wheels and tires. Will I rub? 2018 Civic Si please let me know your thoughts
  5. Skid Plate Clips

    Some dealerships are better than others. Sometimes you waste your time with someone who doesn't know what they're doing unfortunately. But thanks for the advise.
  6. Skid Plate Clips

    Thank you. You have no idea how much time I have wasted looking for this. Again I appreciate it.
  7. Skid Plate Clips

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for the clips that hold the skid plate in place. This is the undertray that we have to remove when we do the oil change. For some reason some of them have gone missing and now the skid plate is kind of loose. If you know the part # let me know or point me in the right...
  8. Official RV6 R365 turbo thread

    Hope this has better reliability than the 27Won because performance wise they seem very similar
  9. Official RV6 R365 turbo thread

    what a rough start i hope this is no indication of how things are gonna go with the turbo in the future, really looking forward to have this turbo installed in my car but man this whole housing thing got me thinking...
  10. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    I'm using 5w30
  11. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    Having fun with the MHI upgraded turbo
  12. Official RV6 R365 turbo thread

    We'll have to see if it's worth it with a dyno plot
  13. Official RV6 R365 turbo thread

    Have you gained any power from this upgrade
  14. Official RV6 R365 turbo thread

    Which direct injection are you running
  15. Official RV6 R365 turbo thread

    Thanks nice compressor wheel
  16. Official RV6 R365 turbo thread

    how about some pictures of the turbine wheel and the compressor wheel
  17. Florida Brand New 27Won W1 turbo $950 shipped

    Never installed with hardware included.
  18. Official RV6 R365 turbo thread

    I have heard good things about it
  19. Official RV6 R365 turbo thread

    Yeah dude i have the street version and it's awesome no chatter and light pedal feel