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  1. Decals / Stickers by Siqc Cafe

    Apologies for those that in-boxed me. I am replaying to all you now. if i missed an order for you please re-ply to the ordered email thread. Thanks
  2. Decals / Stickers by Siqc Cafe

    it's about 3-4in , ive seen ppl cut out the triangle and go lower but that would be preference
  3. Custom Animae Character

    Custom Animae Character

  4. Decals / Stickers by Siqc Cafe

    Good Morning. Inbox me
  5. 3D Printing?

    Do you use Maya, 3D studio Max, Mud Box.. Etc?
  6. Post your aftermarket wheel/tire set up

    What tire size are you running in the back? and did you have to do any fender mods?
  7. 3D Printing?

    I have an idea of something I would like to create with marvel and dc characters If you can make them. We could discuss some details. I wouldn't have time to get into 3d printing. To many other ventures going on. But let me know...
  8. 3D Printing?

    I'm looking to make 2in maybe 3in tall marvel and DC characters... Doesn't have to be super detailed as long as they can be recognized as who the characters are. There is an Ironman version on the site you provided. The yellow full body
  9. 3D Printing?

    Do you create the modeling yourself in a program?
  10. Long Island meets

    Hey yall so next week/weekend is the last week of April. OP stated he can't so Saturday, so shall we swap to Friday night the 23rd or maybe Sunday mid-day? just throwing out some suggestions Also anyone sill interested in the "Hot Import Nights" car show in CT May 8th? chat soon
  11. 18x9.5+35 - 235/40/18 all around

    Does anyone have a good site to get the hub rings for when purchasing aftermarket wheels? And what lug brand do yall prefer aside from gorilla. Thanks
  12. Long Island meets

    This sounds nice too. We can save this trip for the summer or when we get consistency warm weather
  13. Long Island meets

    I'm down for this. Can we do 8pm tho?
  14. Long Island meets

    Hey yall. Just wanted to follow up and see if anyone is interested in riding out together for this event. Also weather is getting nicer so I'm all in for a pre-meet up. Get acquainted etc. Map out the trip for those interested. Click here to get Tix...
  15. Wash Routine?

    Wow AC garage =)
  16. How much is your insurance?

    Let me be the dark horse and say... Insurance is a scam. A game, a Ploy, a entity. We can go on and on... I pay 75 for my 2000 Celica. 100 for my 2019 HB Sport Touring Civic. And 150 for the 2017 EX-L HB Civic. Run with that 75 for The R, ???
  17. Long Island meets

    Iv'e been to this one, It's a DIY spot Texas Car Wash - 15 Texas Ave. Island Park NY 11558 Open to other suggestions tho
  18. Long Island meets

    Also, is anyone interested in this. Would be a cool group road trip. Plenty of time to plan this out feedback.....?