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  1. 7 years after launch, how's the rust looking?

    This Californian is just stopping by to read comments. :)
  2. Changing Transmission Fluid

    Oil - Any API certificated 0W20 oil will do, making sure you change it on time, follow the engine oil life meter. CVT Transmission. manual asked for 25k - 30K interval. It need to be Honda hcf2 CVT Fluid. Go with Honda Genuine one or other big game like Castrol or Valvoline.
  3. Oil change frequency?

    I changed every 7500 - 8500 miles, using full synthetic oil only. My car is stock and only used for normal commuting. If your car is tuned, do alot of racing, you may wanna change it earlier.
  4. Be Glad you drive a Civic - Gas Prices creeping up fast

    Some gas station got to $7.01 here in Socal last week and at the meantime, I still see people cruising around in their Tundra, F150 Raptor, old expedition, Yukon, Tahoe etc. What i think will happen, is that this gas price will speed up the transition to EVs. Thats how we will response to it.
  5. Losing interest... help me fall back in love

    Do whatever make you happy. Honestly, time goes by so fast. its not even funny.
  6. Losing interest... help me fall back in love

    You pretty much said it. Trade it in while the used car value is high right now. Get a Tacoma or Maverick. I am in a similar situation as you. My issue is that i dont find other replacement fit my criteria that well either. I like like my Civic road hugging driving position, decent enough...
  7. What kind of MPG are y'all getting with your 10th Gen?

    econ on 24/7. The key is to keep the rev low and let the CVT works for you. Keep the rev around 2000 rpm, this damn car will glide to almost 50mph effortlessly.
  8. Be Glad you drive a Civic - Gas Prices creeping up fast

    91 costs about $6.19 - $ 6.89 here in Socal. I still see people commuting in their F150 raptors. My hatch has been getting 40+ mpg. so.....i am pretty blessed.
  9. What kind of MPG are y'all getting with your 10th Gen?

    With my old job where i do 30 miles around trip stop and go with 15% hwy driving, i got 31-32 mpg. With my new job where i commute mostly on the 91 and rarely get above 65mph. I have been getting 40+ mpg. My perspective has also changed. i would rather use the commute to chill and then spend...
  10. 📣 2023 Integra Reviews Are In & Very Positive!

    Much better than the ILX....but i still think it is just an OKAY attempt. Honda has been cheaping out on the whole Acura brand for years and consumer can feel it. Go take a look at the Lexus offerings and the difference is plain to see.
  11. What's an oil change at dealership costing you these days?

    Full synthetic 0W20 $ 23 from walmart Filter - $ 9 I got it online, used to take advantage the pepboy discount, i just order the new batch form home depot service $20 trustty local Vietnamese shop.
  12. anyone here using 0W-16 oil on the 1.5L turbo hatch?

    Since our car is turbocharged, i would not go to a lighter weight oil. Toyota only use 0W16 on their NA non-turbo'ed cars.
  13. How far can I go with weight reduction?

    This posts reminded me the time which i considered to drive my E36 M3 couple without the doors. :hmm:
  14. Civic EX 2016, I can use regular oil change instead of synthetic, right?

    get the walmart brand full synthetic 0W20... id not get anything cheaper than that.
  15. Made to last 250,000miles

    Some dude on youtube has 520K miles on his 2017 Civic. Honda engineering magic. :headbang::bow:
  16. Laptop recommendations...

    MSI offers decent specs gaming laptop around $1300.
  17. Nice day trip led to some delicious MPG

    41 Mpg during my recent weekend roadtrip as well. This includes some fast mountain driving following a Model 3. 90% of the time i was doing 70 mph chilling in the middle lane. Stock 2017 Hatchback Sport
  18. Seeking advice/insight on maintaining a 1.5T Civic with 100K+ miles

    belt and thermostat, id definitely check water pump, shocks, bushings and wheel bearings.
  19. 60k mile service quote very high NEED OPINIONS

    CVT(transmission) fluid should be changed every 25-30K according to our manual. Parts and labor should be less than $200. I am still on my original spark plugs at 67K. I believe they are good for 100K miles. cabin filter is an easy 5 minute job. you can get the filter on amazon.