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  1. California FS: 12” sub and amp

    This is kind of a long shot but I’ll post it here as well. I’m selling my old system since I upgraded. Rockford Fosgate R500X1D amp and punch p2 12” with ported box. Works great but like I am with everything, I wanted more. $200 and buyer pays shipping.
  2. California FS: PRL catted DP

    Up for sale is my PRL catted dp. I went catless so don’t need this anymore. Had on for like 7-10k miles. $280 plus shipping and PayPal fees.
  3. ARP head studs

    Curious about the spacers for the arp head studs. Why are they used? I have a set of hayabusa head studs which is what is used. I compared and they seem like it would work with just the nuts and washers supplied with it. Please some one let me know. I’m sure there’s a very good reason. Thanks!
  4. ARP head studs

    This is for anyone with experience using head studs. I had a question on the torquing of the head studs themselves. MAPerformance recommends 3 sequences up to 60ft lbs and Honda is two sequences starting with 22ft lbs and ending on 165 degrees. How do you guys torque the head studs? They’re...
  5. California FS: Hybrid racing shifter

    Selling my used hybrid racing shifter. Wasn’t really for me. Felt great and solid but decided to switch back to my 20’ R shifter. $250 firm NOT including shipping. Buyer pays PayPal fees.
  6. California FS: FK8 shift knob

    FK8 Knob and collar $50ea or $80 for both shipped. Located 93436
  7. What’s your tuned mpg?

    So I don’t usually look at my trip computer but I’ve seen like 37-38mpg and thought, hey! Not bad for what it is! I decided to randomly check it on a couple hour long highway drive. I was very pleasantly surprised to see 41.3mpg. That might not seem like much since I’ve seen some high 50mpg+...
  8. Fun little race

    So earlier this evening I was cruising around town and ready to head home. I pull up to a red light and then this mustang pulls up next to me. Just in case, I do the pedal dance real quick and put it in sport. Mind you, I’m FBO/W1/e35 tuned 362whp 310wtq. Turns out it’s my neighbor (not really...
  9. California FS: Si turbo/procivic grill

    Selling my Si turbo. Took it off at around 10k miles. SOLD Went to a 2020 fk8 grill so I no longer need my procivic grill. $50 firm Will ship at buyers expense. Located 93436
  10. California FS: Yellow LED foglights FK8/Morimoto

    Selling my type r yellow led fog lights. Decided to go a different route. They will come with laminx yellow tint. One is damaged inside but works fine (circled red in pic). SOLD Also selling my Morimoto yellow led fog lights. Used for a couple days. Absolutely nothing wrong with them, they work...
  11. California FS: LED side markers

    I have some LED smoked side markers for sale. They are not the switch back ones. $30 shipped
  12. Port injection

    Does anyone know if this split sec injector controller would work on our platform? It works for the fk8 but that also uses a different computer.
  13. W1 turbo dyno

    I got to finally get my car on my buddies dyno. I figured I’d share the results. Anyways, I just finished getting etuned by @D-RobIMW and my buddy had time. Mods are as follows: 27won W1, PRL catted DP/FP, PRL race SRI, Depo Racing FMIC, PRL flexfuel kit, Ktuner V1.2, Type R clutch, Type R...
  14. FS: acuity black esco/fk8 collar

    I’m selling my black acuity esco shift knob and type r shift boot collar. $60 each. Located 93436. SOLD! $60
  15. FS: PRL Si Street MAF

    I’m selling my street maf for the Si, needs hose clamps and maf screws. $120 shipped.
  16. FS: HDMI Tip

    Selling the hdmi tip off my old exhaust $30 plus shipping. Located 93436
  17. Race MAF and LTFT

    So I recently switched to the race maf and flashed my tsp2 for the race maf and I noticed my ltft which was usually around 0-7%. 7% usually when I’m idling for a while or stop and go. Now I’m sitting around -3%. Is this normal? I was thinking possibly adding more fuel for the added air but I’m...
  18. WTB: Race maf

    Looking to upgrade from the street to the race maf. Located 93436, thanks.
  19. FS: led flashing brake lights

    Ordered these from but decided I didn’t like the flashing and replaced them with the regular red non flashing led’s. Used for about a week $40
  20. Leaky Goodyear’s

    So since I bought my car back in June, I’ve been having an issue with one of my tires that leaks at the bead. I work at a Honda dealer so I had my buddy look at it and we’ve removed and cleaned the rim and bead of the tire and remounted it and it just leaks at another spot each time. Anyways...