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  1. DIY: Convert Center Console to Leather

    The "lid" is secured by 2 screws and 4 tabs underneath. Open the lid to access & remove the 2 screws. Then apply upwards pressure, starting from the front, to lift the lid away from the 4 tabs.
  2. Dead battery

    $92 from my local Costco after core exchange.
  3. What to use to clean interior.

    I've used 303 multi-surface cleaner with good results. It's not a cure-all but works well for light to medium duty cleaning on the fabric, screen and plastic. I'm going to give Adam's a try. I also have a couple small spots on the seat that are a tad stubborn.
  4. Continental extreme contact dws06 plus vs. Michelin pilot sport 4s

    I know this is mostly a summer tire discussion but I will comment on the AS variants. I have used both in different iterations over the last decade. The main difference IMHO is the sidewall. The Michelins (AS4s) are a tad stiffer at the expense of road noise. The Continentals are a little...
  5. Service Manual for 10th Gen Civic, Si, Type R (FC1, FC2, FC3, FC4, FK4, FK7, FK8)

    Sorry, missed that comment that yours was a coupe. I'm not aware that the design is different between years. Try these:
  6. Official 10th Gen SI ( DYNO Thread )

    Curve looks good. Does the readout factor measurement at the hubs?
  7. Service Manual for 10th Gen Civic, Si, Type R (FC1, FC2, FC3, FC4, FK4, FK7, FK8)

    The 2016-2020 panels should all be the same on the sedan. Pop the window control, disconnect the wiring, and remove the Philips screw inside. Then use a plastic separator tool to pop the door panel, followed by the triangular mount that houses the tweeter. I just did this a few weeks ago to...
  8. si blown bottom end

    A sudden blow while cruising in high gear is (likely) due to a rod that was out of spec and cycled over time to full failure. My guess is that it was caused by whatever event occurred in Cylinder 3 a month ago. Best of luck to your friend on the repairs.
  9. 200000 miles. Not as smooth as it once was, what to replace?

    A squishy pedal over time, but not really brake shake, in my experience. Vibes from the pedal could be a contact issue with the pad and rotor (i.e. warped rotor). Vibes from the steering wheel or seat might also indicate worn bushings, irregular tire wear, or a combination. Does it get worse...
  10. 200000 miles. Not as smooth as it once was, what to replace?

    +1 Bushings are one of the most underlooked component on higher mileage cars. Check for any signs of ripples/cracks along the control arms and sway bars. Might be helpful to check the motor mounts while you're at it. GL.
  11. Broken Air Conditioner -- Again

    My evap core began leaking at 32K and was replaced by Honda at 54K. They also proactively replaced the condenser. No issues for the last few years. Currently at 83K. IMHO, it's worth taking to a reputable dealer since Honda will be subsidizing a good portion of the cost. And IIRC, nearly all...
  12. 100k miles experience

    83K here on mine, picked up August '17. Similar experience as most. Battery and AC seem to be the most common issues. Honda switched over to R34A refrigerant starting with the 10th Gen, which required them to update specs on the entire AC system. My AC began showing performance issues at 32K...
  13. What type of MTF is everyone running?

    I tried out Amsoil after the last OCI and have been running it for 15-20K. The one small difference I notice is that Amsoil offers better engagement the first 2-3 minutes after cold startup. After that, I can't find a discernable difference between Amsoil and Honda OEM fluids.
  14. Carbon Clean/HHO Cleaning

    I don't think we have enough high mileage examples to be sure. The 1.5 is a bit more advanced in that the engine keeps the intake valves open on the piston upstroke (during cruising) which pushes a small amount of fuel out of the combustion chamber and onto the top of the valves. The valves also...
  15. All-new 2022 Civic Si Revealed ?

    I'm guessing that design is intended to be similar to Mugen's twin loop muffler where the exhaust pulse is close enough to act as a noise canceler of sorts. I expect Honda will probably elaborate on that soon.
  16. Motor oil BLACK at @ 50% life

    I agree with most that it appears the oil is doing its job. And as mentioned earlier, consider a UOA at the next interval to see what your deposits/dilution look like. I think most of us know this but don't see it discussed often.... running too rich too long can carbonize the cylinders/OCRs...
  17. All-new 2022 Civic Si Revealed ?

    Not a spectacular improvement over the 10th Gen but nice to see them including rev matching and individual mode. The broader powerband looks to be a wash from the outgoing Si. Probably good for an extra tenth at most. I suspect the noticeable improvements will come with the interior and chassis...
  18. Optimizations for Si as a daily driver?

    I agree, the tune is really all that's needed for a daily. If you drive hard, you may eventually want to grab the rear ARB, better tires, FMIC, and/or mildly upgraded front brakes. The intake and exhaust don't really change the dynamics of the car all that much - just more of a personal...
  19. Voiding Warranty

    Unfortunately, used cars are generally considered "as is" and cannot be supported by the manufacturer in cases of abuse. If purchased through a licensed dealer, you can take the vehicle back and have them own the repair. But that usually creates adjacent problems that aren't worth the effort...
  20. First Time Honda Sports Car Owner!

    Welcome to the forums. Despite the fun factor, this is technically more of a sporty car vs. sports car. ;) We all of course know what you meant but would hate to see you get roasted outside our little community. :cool: Also, despite conventional wisdom, an intake can "technically" alter long...