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  1. Oil Change for 2021 Civic Hatchback Sport

    For sure they are just the same from 2016-2021 especially the share the same L15BA engine.
  2. Short Ram Intake

    You’ll have problems fitting your MAF sensor. Si has a bigger sensor compared to non-Si.
  3. Replacing wheel stud need help

    Over tightening it can be the cause. This happened to me in the past when a Honda mechanic did set it to 110 lbs/ft.
  4. Driver side HID bulb Brighter than passenger side

    Two possibilities that is causing the problem: 1. Ballast 2. Bulb I’ve experienced this in the past and in my long time of using HID before switching to LEDs.
  5. Battery almost made it 11 months

    Mine is from May 2017 and still going strong.
  6. Weak AC?

    Ever since my compressor and condenser got replaced, my AC system has been a lot better than when I got the car brandnew from the dealership.
  7. LED Fog Lights white or yellow?

    Yellow fog lamps are the best since it gives you more visibility at night compared to day light or bluish white. Mine is LED fog lamp assembly with lamin-x yellow tint.
  8. Air Conditioner Malfunction-blowing warm air for A/C

    Condenser failure and low refrigerant for sure. You can file for reimbursement afterwards as stated from the warranty extension letter that I got.
  9. 300whp on cvt civic?

    Oh I see. No wonder there was a Brazilian guy who was asking the same thing for his sedan.
  10. 300whp on cvt civic?

    You might be thinking that it is the Si that has stronger rods since the touring sedan also has the same engine as what the hatchback uses.
  11. First time tuning/moding 10th gen 2018 civic ex-t

    Get a CAI for intake. Ktuner or Hondata and you can call it the day. Make sure you use the proper gas for your tune.
  12. -7 to -10 LTFT1 after Short Ram Install

    You need to have it set on the proper intake that you have. Fuel trims will be different for a stock intake and for your PRL street MAF.
  13. Exhaust pics/advice

    Here’s the sport hatch rear undercarriage:
  14. FrontPipe or Intercooler

    The cons of installing bigger charge piping on a stock turbo is that there will be increased lag. So you’ll be fine with the aftermarket intercooler alone if you don’t have plans to upgrade to a bigger turbo.
  15. Tire rot

    You can check it on the sidewall.
  16. Tire rot

    When is the production date?
  17. Tire rot

    If the tires has cracks due to old age, it is best to replace them for safety.
  18. 255/45 R17 anyone?

    235 will be the perfect size for an 8 inch wide rim.
  19. What HID bulb brand are you using? Recommendations?

    I tried Morimoto, CN light in the past. Morimoto provided better lighting than CN light but I ended up using LEDs for the projector housing since they provided more lumens than HID.
  20. High fuel consumption

    Bad spark plugs will definitely hurt your fuel mileage. Check your air filter as well if it’s clogged and needs to be replaced.