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  1. Thoughts on 2021 BRZ

    Just saw the 2021 BRZ release. What do yall think? Personally I wish they went FI instead of NA but oh well. If it was FI it was 100% going to be my next daily.
  2. Fuel pump

    I probably should post this in the issues section but here it is. Its been a minute since I posted on the forum but was just wondering if any of you have had your high pressure fuel pump go out. I just hit 140k miles and mine went out. Went into limp mode, and had it towed to the dealership...
  3. Dont go to tampa honda

    So fun story. When I was going through all that fuel injector bs the dealership told me they pulled the plugs and they looked fine. Fast forward about 6 months and I hit my 100k spark plug change reminder. So me being the cheap ass I am, i buy new OEM replacements and decide to do it myself...
  4. Am I getting old or has the car scene gone full circle?

    This should probably be in off topic but I just wanted to get some opinions on trends nowadays..(or maybe some reassurance that I'm not an old fart) Just recently I was in the market for a new car and had my sights on the new supra. So after some quick research I fired up the youtube machine...
  5. Should I buy this?

    Been looking into getting a "fun" car for a while now. Was between the lexus rcf and the new supra. I've been chatting with both dealerships and toyota gave me a price of 62k out the door for the premium. (Original sticker was 85k LOL) What yall think?
  6. Anyone else have this problem?

    Hi y'all, Just wanted to see if anyone else has encountered this problem. So about 1000 miles ago my car developed a squeak only when turning left. Brought it into the dealer and they said the clips on the brake rotor were backing out and rubbing against the rotor. Apparently the right side...
  7. Carbon fiber eye lids?

    So I got bored yesterday and wrapped the spare set of eye lids I had sitting around. I dont know if I love it or hate it. What do yall think?
  8. Sigh....

    So i just replaced a broken fog light last week and today I was driving down the road when some d bag in some shitbox truck swerves in front of me, hits a bump, and launches a piece of wood out of his bed and smashes into my bumper. His truck was missing a tailgate. Tried to get him to pull over...
  9. IAT correlation

    I've been doing a bunch of reading but cant find anything showing that lowering IAT1 has a direct correlation to IAT2. Considering the air is being compressed through a super hot spinning wheel, is there any info showing that colder air pre turbo actually makes a difference? Or are the gains...
  10. Another STFT question. Please Help!

    Hi everyone, So I Posted my datalog over in the SI subthread to no response so I thought I would try here. I have been having an issue with my car throwing a code for running too rich. After looking at my STFT and LTFT I noticed that my STFT are pegged out at -25% when idling and cruising...
  11. Running too rich

    Checked ktuner today and found a code for running too rich. Car drives fine but ltft is at -25%. Reflashed to stock and and within a couple miles ltft were at -9%. Mods are ktuner 19.5 psi tune and prl sri with street MAF. No idea where to go from here. EDIT: Mods please delete this thread, I...
  12. Twin in the Tampa area?

    Parked outside a starbucks the other day! Blacked out side markers and everything haha!
  13. IAT vs IAT2

    Simple question. Where are the locations of IAT and IAT 2? Ive used the search function but keep getting conflicting information. Thanks everyone!
  14. Takeda intake

    Is anyone running this intane? If so, what IATs are you seeing and how are fuel trims?