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  1. 2016+ Civic Hatchback Dash Cam complete installation

    This is a complete guide on installing a dash cam with only cables that came with the Dash Cam.
  2. 2016+ Civic Audio Power Cable Install General Guide

    This is a general guide that will assist anyone to run their power cable wire through the firewall. It's more focused towards the Hatchback group after we've passed through the firewall. No actual wires were installed during this video, but it should be straight to the point. I honestly do...
  3. 2019 Honda Civic Hatchback Complete 1900W Audio Upgrade

    Purpose: The stock sound system was "OK" but I wanted something that shook the windows a little. $2000 budget sound system upgrade. I had some of the materials already so it was easier for the wallet. This thread will be updated gradually when the videos have been edited. I will be leaving the...