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  1. Genuine Honda Spare tire and wheel for sale

    Advertised under member section for sale here is a link since I would like to sell it locally without having to ship Never been on the ground mounted balance ready to...
  2. California Spare tire and wheel…brand new, never been on the ground! Fits in wheel well.

    $150, prefer local pick up. Fits all type r and civics. Genuine Honda part!
  3. What did you do to your Type R today?

    How do you put the power down? My 2020 was bone stock and spun tires all over the place in first and second gear.
  4. California SOLD:2020 Civic Type R Polished Metal FS

    Apologies literally just sold it a couple of days ago I need to update the status on this thread sorry for the inconvenience
  5. What did you do to your Type R today?

    I’ll tell you what I do with my type R today : I sold her and for a very handsome profit -I have other projects to move onto- it’s been a nice ride I will miss it.
  6. For Sale: Complete OEM Honda Spare Tire KIT-Bay Area

    Brand new, tire has never touched the ground. This is the excellent Honda kit, complete with tire, wheel, lug wrench, jack, and new raised carpeted floor. The trunk stays flat. Asking $300 obo. Local pickup preferred.
  7. My reaction to the 2022 Civic Type R...

    The new design illuminates all of the cool edginess that defined the 10th generation . The 22 and up looks like grandma‘s Toyota Camry -it got longer and much more plain looking not interested I’m going to keep my 20 .
  8. Failed inspection for having a tune

    Sorry it did not pass but this is our new reality): here in California the same problem exists if you have an aftermarket tune and it is not carb and smog legal it’s an automatic fail until you return it back to your stock tune
  9. California FS 2007 Honda Civic LX 2 Dr. coupe-only 35,000 miles!

    Located in Bay Area Ca. Interior looks new, exterior has some clear coat delamination. Runs well, ready for quick sale. Asking $7,500.
  10. Hondata carb legal tunes and race flashpro

    WOw, thank you for this! I had not received any info since my call to Hondata that now good to go in ca! Guess I will now play ball and order!
  11. Hondata carb legal tunes and race flashpro

    I called them a couple of months ago and they had not received carb approval yet for the 20 and up
  12. Hondata carb legal tunes and race flashpro

    I would simply place the sticker under hood in an easy to read area so the smog tech won’t miss it.
  13. California Spreen Honda Corona California 4 CTR's in your favorite colors... for MSRP?

    Brand new cars are extremely hard to come by because of the electronic shortage and the fact that we are in between model years for the type R Make prices high. Simple supply and demand . If you really want one you just have to be willing to pony up a little extra . Also the new civic is...
  14. California SOLD:2020 Civic Type R Polished Metal FS

    Has 5000 miles and is 100% bone stock with no modifications in perfect shape needs nothing . Color is polished metal which is the metallic charcoal gray color. If interested please send me a private message and I will respond promptly . Car is located in northern California bay area ...
  15. What are people paying for their 2021 Type R

    I paid sticker, but it took a few weeks of looking and a willingness to drive a couple of hundred miles to find the right dealer who would sell me my car. Mine is a 20 that I bought brand new. I believe they call that color polished metal-it is a really nice version of metallic charcoal gray...
  16. Only complaint about my Type-R......

    Might be a longshot but here it goes : I read many years ago when purchasing a new car that the tires that come with the car have a higher carbon content . When replacing these tires with identical aftermarket set the same make and model tire will have a lower carbon content . The ones...
  17. Hondata carb legal tunes and race flashpro

    In those counties you must still pass smog when buying a used car over 4 years old. Then you never have to smog again as long as you own the car. If/ when you sell you must smog. A bit of a gotcha unless you run her into the ground.
  18. Hondata carb legal tunes and race flashpro

    Just read the executive order. Only covers type r thru 2019 model year.