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  1. Sideshot Sunday with both of my cars. Both gray, both 6MT, one has 667 whp, the other 158 (daily)

    Will be adding a Ktuner to my Civic next month and join GTMan’s tuning thread ??
  2. Highest Mileage 10th Generation Civics

    Now that the 11th gen Civic has arrived we have had a few years for people to drive up the miles on their 10th Gen Civics. I must say that after searching listings recently that all of the motor choices seem to have proven to be very reliable! AC issues aside, it’s very comforting to know that...
  3. New exhaust for 2.0 Sport Sedan owners

    Haven’t seen an official exhaust for the sport sedans with the 2.0 NA motor yet. This was posted today by ARK exhaust.
  4. First clear unrendered pic of 11th gen Type R?

    Saw this online, author said that it was not a render and that it has been testing in Japan. What do you guys think? Real or fake? ??‍♂️
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  6. Advice/Info on where to find production numbers?

    Does anyone have any incite as to where to find production numbers for various years of the 10th Gen Civic? I was hoping to find how many 2020 Sport Sedans were made with the manual transmission. I was unable to locate info via google search, but hoping someone here may know of a different...
  7. RetroRacer1980’s 2020 Sport sedan 6MT Modern Steel Metallic build thread

    Picked up my new daily driver on New Years Eve (dec 31st 2020) to provide reliable transportation for the next few years and give my other project a rest from daily driven duties. I started looking for a sport sedan with the 2.0 Naturally Aspirated port injected motor and the 6 speed manual...