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  1. Where do we go from here?

    Will this be the last generation of Civic with combustion engines? ?‍♂️ As we see more models and sales numbers, generally, pushing manual transmissions out of the market... Will tuning go fully after-market manual, or will CVTs get love, before it's mostly electric?
  2. Tires... What to do-with, when, whom?

    I have Michelin PS4S tires. Not asking to trade or offering for sale... Yet. Next summer, I will have new tires. This is the way. How many 32nds of remaining tread is appropriate to offer for sale or attempt to sell to a business? They were my first summer tires ever, and aren't down to the wear...
  3. Anyone else getting poo tread life on their tuned CVT L15B7?

    I took my summer tires off last weekend. Been COVIDling for close to 9 months now, so it's not like I got a legit season of use out of my summer tires. I forget the exact counts, but I have like 2-4 32nds left across all four of my PS4S. I didn't even go to the drag strip this year, so it's...
  4. It's getting chilly... New Battery

    I've had my 2017 EX-L for coming up on 4 years. I'm 100% WFH through the year and likely midway through 2021. So, the car has been COVIDling like mad. My battery drained a while ago and that caused me problems with OBDII Emissions Readiness. Time for a new battery. I do some occasional...
  5. LSD on non-Si

    There _is_ a product. Any reason it wouldn't work on a CVT? Any thoughts on cost to install, or effort to DIY?
  6. Can't connect v2 And TunerView Lite (on headunit)

    I installed the app to the headunit a week ago. I was able to pair and put in the pin. Only one time since does it connect. I have the v2 in the BT device list on the unit, but there are never any available options but "Delete." So I don't think it is connecting to the car. The KTuner unit...
  7. PRL Flex Fuel Kit & KTuner Disables... Readiness?

    Just took my car for PA Inspection. Was told I failed due to "not ready" status on OBD. I know I am allowed one not ready for OBD Emissions... And I have P0420 disabled for my downpipe, which may be my one. Does anyone know if the required ECU Disables for the flex fuel kit to work would...

    Long awaited folks... Here's what will become our more performant CVT. Inexpensive, and easy to repair! CVT Dream, one piece at a time
  9. Better MPGs with ethanol enabled?

    My data is sparse and largely anecdotal... However, driving very spirited after having installed (and enabled in existing tune) an ethanol sensor, I am getting better fuel economy. I was filling with ~E20 blend for the last 6-10 months, before the ethanol sensor was installed, and got around...
  10. DIY Tuning... Seeking to learn from you

    LTDR: I want to know how to go about tuning ignition timing on my own. Then, if needed, fuel. To the latter, I read an interesting post from someone (I may add link. Apologies for not having it at hand to begin) about software to remap fuel trims. Background: I've custom-tuned, myself, using...
  11. PRL Flex Fuel Install- ECT2 Oddness

    Installed my kit yesterday. I was afraid I had connected the single-wire connection wrong. The instructions seemed to indicate it goes into the white plug lodged in the radiator. But both are female, so I connected to what I had unplugged down there. This thread can be deleted. But it isn't...
  12. Anyone Seafoamed?

    I had a custom tune I made, pretty much a rescaling of the boost table from the ktuner OTS Tune, that gave BBG and RPM transitions a little more fine-grained adjustment paired with more boost. I never had a problem running it. For over half a year. A bit ago I would get a CEL and codes thrown...
  13. Shelter-In-Place Maintenance/Storage?

    I was maybe half through an oil change interval when I parked my car the day before "lockdown." Exterior-wise: If I take the time, I will strip, bar, and wax. Else, I will combo wax/polish wash with a hand polish. And, this may be extreme, at what storage interval do these need to be...
  14. Catch can on 1.5L which one?

    I have a Mishimoto Can right now. However, will be adding an ethanol sensor kit and won't have compatible mount location. What's a good can folks are using? It'd be super sweet (I'd pay more) if it had a float/dip gauge and a drain tube with valve.
  15. Catch o' the Day!

    Spring weather this weekend. Did some spring cleaning. Probably about 6,000mi worth of crud. Not great, considering it has been a very mild winter around here. Feel free to share your most recent catch!
  16. P061B - too much torque, broh

    Anyone received this? I went hard on the accelerator from a crawl on the highway and the car went directly into limp mode. Pulled over, turned it off and back on again drives like it did before. Woah! Limp mode is scary. I couldn't tell if I had no drive and the car was coasting or what.
  17. (1.5L CVT) CV Axle Leak?

    Is that what this is? Did not lose my underbody panel, did not have obv oil from above, and my filter was snug. If you zoom in a lot it looks torn/scored. What fluid is this? The view is from under the car with the front on jack stands. I went to do an oil change and saw fluid on the left...
  18. BBG and low to mid-range safety for CVT

    Where are folks putting restrictions on boost, and at what psi are they? Is 2500-3500rpm on gears 1 and 2 the right idea?
  19. Request: Water and CO2 Intercooler Spray System

    I know there are kits out there. Anyone got some feedback or instructions? I always get caught in traffic in the heat, and I feel like this approach vs a beefier intercooler would be more applicable. I hate it when IAT2 goes above 130 and the car has shit for boost.
  20. SB #19-038: Missfires, Whirling Noise

    I received notice of warranty extension from 5yr/60k mi to 6yr/unlimited mi. in the mail. The notice basically says some "driveability issues" (my guess is legal replacement for failure) may be experienced on 2016-2018 1.5L Civics. Possible Results: Random misfire (P0300) #1 cylinder...