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  1. My new Civic Type R vs my wifes Ford Taurus SHO

    “Its the displacement...” do you think all semi trucks will smoke the type-r from a roll or only the ones with a twin turbo setup and lots of displacement?
  2. Who's running 19's? Post them up.

    Verde axis. Not forged or lightweight but cheap and look very nice. Will not clear the front calipers without a 5mm spacer.
  3. Intercooler OR Intake next?? Help a mahfk out!!

    I would vote IC but not for Injen. Go with Perrin or PRL. The Injen one is too small IMO.
  4. Strut guide pin delete question

    I dont see why it wouldnt
  5. 30,000 mile recommended maintenance

    Manual tranny fluids should be changed around 30,000 miles on average.
  6. Ktuner 1.1 & PRL Full Bolt on Tune

    They are pre made tunes that you get access to if you buy a Ktuner.
  7. Who's running 19's? Post them up.

    They look like 18’s but must just be due to the spoke design. Also the tires looked pretty meaty on them which you dont usually get with 19’s. Surprised they are only 245/35. Hows the clearance with the 265? Whats your camber specs?
  8. Ktuner 1.1 & PRL Full Bolt on Tune

    I agree with you that if you have all 4 of the boltons (PRL or not) that you would be fine with the PRL tune. I misread your previous post and thought that you meant as long as you have a single PRL component. I do think that if using the PRL tune that you should at least have the PRL brand...
  9. Ktuner 1.1 & PRL Full Bolt on Tune

    Not true. The PRL tune was designed with prl intake, intercooler, downpipe and front pipe. He should run the 1.1 tune Anyhow, Im on the 1.1 but I lowered midrange torque request for all gears to match the stage 1 tune. 1.1 felt way too aggressive in the 25- 70% throttle range to me. Why would...
  10. Who's running 19's? Post them up.

    You mean 255 wide. Do you know what your camber is at front and rear? Any rubbing?
  11. Who's running 19's? Post them up.

    Agreed. Surprised to see people not knowing their own wheel sizes.
  12. Who's running 19's? Post them up.

    Hard to believe they are only 8.5” wide being so concave with a high offset.
  13. Who's running 19's? Post them up.

    19x9.5 +48mm 245/35........5mm spacer on fronts. Spoon springs
  14. Prevent engine bay heat

    Did some wrapping over the weekend. Waiting on the turbo blanket to come in.
  15. Prevent engine bay heat

    I don't agree with the argument that circulating air under the hood is cooling the intake air. It will only reduce the rate at which it can heat up. Even when driving and the air being exchanged a little under the hood, it is still hotter than the air inside the intake pipes so it can only heat...
  16. Prevent engine bay heat

    Im sure it helped. Cant argue with science/physics. If you have cold air going through the pipe and hot air on the outside of it then every bit of insulating will help. Heres an analogy that might help people. In 100 degree weather a house with no insulation in it’s walls will heat up the air...
  17. Prevent engine bay heat

    I will be wrapping my cold side pipes as well. I think doing this is very underrated. The high engine bay temps heat up everything under the hood. After the IC cools down the air going through it wouldn't you want to protect that air from getting hot again before going into the engine? Everybody...
  18. KTuner vs Hondata

    The stage 1 tune is different than the stage zero tune in many places. However, the multi stage tune is the stage one tune with lowered torque request for sport and comfort so as to achieve the same lower power as a stage zero tune. Second part: a tune with different torque requests for the...