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  1. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Hks spec l installed.
  2. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Experience Survey

    Vehicle: 2017 Civic EX-T coupe Total tuned time: 24(ish) months Total tuned mileage: 25,000+ miles Tuning device(s) used: KTuner V2 Tunes used: custom tune from Brent @PFI speed (260whp 340lbft) Fuel used: Full pump E85 Additional engine mods: Redline 360 catless downpipe, no name intake...
  3. Clanking / Tapping Sound when in Reverse (video)

    I would also like to contribute. I had the exact same noise as you, OP. Always had tapping/ clanking in reverse and worse at full lock. Driving forward would cause a similar sound. Found a rock between heat shield and rotor.
  4. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    I haven't measured, but there's close to a half inch or so at the closest point. Nowhere near close enough for issues
  5. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    I decided the Cosmis racing wheels were too close to the caliper for comfort. Also had rubbing issues over bumps. 18x8.5 +32 konig ampliform in dark grey. 245/40/18 Nitto NT05 tires
  6. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    Wow! That's SUPER close. I've got about 1.2mm in mine. 1.5mm is typically recommended, however, discount tire did the "business card check" lmao
  7. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    Cosmis Racing XT-005R 18x9 +25mm offset wrapped in 245/40/18 Nitto NT05 Clearance on the caliper is TIGHT, 1 credit cards worth of space.
  8. Road noise, tire noise, or something else?

    I did not. Went in twice. Both times was told it was normal. They said it was vibration through the shift linkage. (BS because it is a cable shifted transmission). Funny enough, I just traded in for 2019 type r.
  9. SI vs NON-SI

    I know, old thread... But I wanted to weigh in on the si vs non si debate... I have an ex-t that I bought in 2017 before the si came out. I had a '03 mdx that needed a tranny so I found a 6 speed Civic with the 1.5t in it as a replacement. Months later the si came out. I wish I would have...
  10. Straight e85 on an ex-t

    Hey guys, I know a few we're asking about times to show the power of the car... I'm not a huge 1/4 mile guy but I love time attacks and road racing. I hate I told you so's but y'all can sock it to me, I had to bump my ethenol content from ~65% to 55% due to a slight bit of leaning out under...
  11. Straight e85 on an ex-t

    Thanks for that! Yeah, so it all makes sense, your not losing fuel pressure and essentially you are closing the window at which fuel can spray by using direct injection. Although, here at elevation we have a ambient air pressure of ~11.8-12.5 depending on the temperature. And as you already know...
  12. Straight e85 on an ex-t

    As a reminder, I live at 6000+ feet above sea level and my ambient air pressure is much lower than that of sea level. I am only reaching between 19 and 24lbs of boost. So I am getting nowhere near full duty cycle nor should there be any fuel pressure drops that would effect my performance. At...
  13. Straight e85 on an ex-t

    I am indeed still running a straight mix of e85. My tuner is very good at his job, and suggested keeping it that way for it's anti knock ability and putting more timing into it. I am running the flex fuel kit so I can easily switch between gas and ethenol where ethenol is sparse. I would...
  14. Straight e85 on an ex-t

    Thank you! A lot of time and thought has gone into this, although recently I have been nice down and went flex fuel
  15. Straight e85 on an ex-t

    Latest update on the Civic on straight e85. This is right after a flex fuel kit install
  16. Seeping oil

    I will snap a picture when I get off of work today.
  17. Seeping oil

    Noticed mine was leaking a while back... Maybe 20k miles ago... I have 28k on it now. Thinking about taking her in and getting it replaced under warranty since powertrain isn't up
  18. Fuel trim concern with new intake

    I bought a no name intake and had trims like this (granted I am on e85 with no flex fuel sensor). I took my car to PFI in Colorado to have them tune it for the intake. We were talking and there are a lot of characteristics that change with a new intake. -Flow - turbulence -Piping length...
  19. 1.5T Clutchmasters FX350 Installed

    It's even worse with a solid flywheel. You have to be very careful on your revs and engagement point. It's more of an on/off switch than stock
  20. anybody running the AF dynamic intake yet?

    I've got the same intake from a brand off Amazon. Had it for about 4 months now. I like it a lot. My tuner (Brent from PFI) seems to like it as well