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  1. Can the electronic Parking brake mess up if you keep pushing it on/off?

    Asking for a friend, right? lol I would say, no. I'd think it would have to have the same robustness as a manual parking brake or I don't think it would be allowed to exist.
  2. What to do (caught dealership rolling back odometer)

    Do you have photo proof or just going by text in a listing? Could be a simple typo.
  3. OEM Wheel Polishing and cleaning

    Pics below. I powdercoated them exclusively to remove the stock stripe. Nope. No issue. I've only had them on for a couple hundred miles. I ceramic coated them so I do not foresee any issues at all.
  4. Help need a Cover for my Type R as its parked outside

    I would recommend never covering your car unless it is freshly washed. If not you are doing more harm than good.
  5. OEM Wheel Polishing and cleaning

    Not bronze, but I did powdercoat my stock wheels. Satin black.
  6. OEM Wheel Polishing and cleaning

    Wow, they are really beat up. Looks to be a concentration of rock chips. Could be from highway use....but still. The paint on these cars sucks, so I'm sure that extends to the wheels.
  7. Hood shakes a lot at speed?

    My hood skakes a bit at highway speeds. If I am going any faster than that I'm usually focused on the road. I'd say it's perfectly normal.
  8. Is there a wheel cleaner that actually works?

    No wheel cleaner really "works" without agitation. Especially with the way the CTR dusts. I use P&S Brake Buster currently.
  9. Cleaning products are the best for paint protection.

    I use Jesscar Powerlock+ paint sealant then 2 coats of Collinite 845. Great combo. I use P&S Beadmaker as my drying aid.
  10. Deleting Red Stripe on Ground Effects...

    I covered it at first with 3M matte black 1/4" pinstripe which looked really good. I found it already coming up on some of the sharper curves on the front lip after about 2 weeks. I just peeled the red off. I'm never going back anyway.
  11. Deleting Red Stripe on Ground Effects...

    Thanks, man. I appreciate it. Best money I ever spent. Before I bought this car I said "first thing I'm doing is taking the red stripes off", haha. Took me over 2 years and I wish I did it sooner.
  12. Deleting Red Stripe on Ground Effects...

    I agree! Here are some pics of my car with the stripe deleted and the wheels powdercoated satin black.
  13. 2020 Type-R Parts

    Nope, not yet. I've had it on order for months.
  14. small metallic sound

    Yes. My car has done it since day 1.
  15. 2020 brake squeal

    They will squeal forever. Normal with the brake pad compound.
  16. Did you test drive your R before purchasing?

    No, test drive was not an option when I bought mine in April of 2018.
  17. What did you do to your Type R today?

    No need to come to NJ. I had these done at Vibrant Finish in Penndel. They are powdercoated, not painted.