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  1. Hi Rev Sports Tail Lights

    I emailed them and got a response from them at least 1-2 times a day. [email protected] If you send an email with a photo/video it *might* go to spam so be aware of that. I also know a few people here used FB and they responded on there.
  2. What's New in the Shop?

    I clicked into this thinking it was the P600 turbo, but this is porn so it's all good.
  3. Opinions please on two deals

    Also consider that the 2020 has better bushings, those aren't fun to change out. the 2pc rotors are a big deal as they lower unsprung weight.

    Looks a lot like the 10th those wheels look better though
  5. The End of The CTR?

    One of my friends has a veloster N and got it near invoice because no one was buying it. Idk where this markup talk is coming from. Maybe for the first month and then everyone realized that the N doesn't compete with the typeR despite it being compared a lot on reviews. Hyundai has made leaps...
  6. Hondata Fuel System

    Ktuner seems to have abandoned the platform. If people just want a few more ponies sure, but if you're trying to build the car beyond the basics, you're way better of going flashpro or motec
  7. Hondata Fuel System

    Interesting thought because most stock CTRs were pulling 295-301 on dynos.
  8. CATTED DP. Look for some opinions.

    Most likely will pass emissions but will fail visual. If I go to DMV in NJ it's 50-50, if I go to one of the testing approved places, i'm passing. With catless, I def won't pass either. that's my source for catted vs catless on the R
  9. CATTED DP. Look for some opinions.

    Generally the difference between High Flow Catted and Catless on dyno is ~peak 2-3HP. I'm running Rv6 HFC and I love it!
  10. Hi Rev Sports Tail Lights

    I have a video on my gram with all of the functions. If you want photos of them, put in your request and I'll take them for you. I have the smoked ones for reference.
  11. Official Sonic Grey Pearl Type R Picture Thread

    Keeping the best color thread alive! PS: not happy with CRV’s getting the color 👀 like why?
  12. Tire Size Feedback for Titan 7 T-S5

    255/40/18 conti Xtreme contact Stock height.
  13. Hi Rev Sports Tail Lights

    The problem I had with it was that the promised it'd be shipped out "tomorrow" but it took a week before I got a message saying "sorry we can't because we don't have it" I'd have no issue with it if they said that they'll check and get back to me, then a week later I got the message...
  14. Hi Rev Sports Tail Lights

    An update to this. I got an email last night I'm not happy with how they've handled this tbh, it's been a week since it was supposed to be shipped to me and I get an email saying all the side that I need are the ONE side they're missing? Pretty convenient, also a WEEK later I find out? I like...
  15. Hi Rev Sports Tail Lights

    I tried installing mine and couldn't get the passenger side brake and animation to work at all (the driver side had no problems at all). I did everything in their troubleshooting video and even went back and forth with support. I was told last week that they'll be shipping out new lights and...
  16. Honda Civic Type R Intercooler OE Breakdown – Design Pt. 1

    Would I be able to order it without the sprayed logo PLEASE? :hide:
  17. What are your complaints with the type R?

    - Wheels, 20"s are you serious? give us 18''s!! - Speakers - they're okay, but why not just give us a better sub and a bit higher quality interiors? - Paint It's really cheap. - IC really wish it was bigger - Exhaust sound - look wise it's pretty sexy but where's the fucking sound? Our cars...
  18. Why did Honda put such a tiny intercooler in the Type R?

    There are a few dynos out there (YT mainly) of people who did IC first and have pre-IC and post-ic numbers and aftermarket ic has better numbers. the charge pipes on our OE IC is also pretty sub-par so there's that as well. For DD on a hot day, you'll def notice the heat soak on OE IC vs...