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  1. 2020 Civic Type R Sport Line *Europe Exclusive*

    I love the smaller wing. So glad they did this. Wish it was coming to the US
  2. Wingless type-r

    I wish it was coming to the states! Small wing is right up my alley. Never been a huge fan of the Big wing
  3. INTERIOR PART OUT - IS Autogroup, Sweidit, PMC Parts

    ALL ITEMS SOLD. (SOLD) Sweidit Gauge Cluster Hood + Shifter wing panels. OEM parts wrapped by Sweidit. Asking $360 shipped. I pad $449 for the OEM parts plus the wrap from Sweidit. (SOLD) IS AutoGroup Carbon Fiber Gloss Steering Wheel. Mint Condition. Asking $400 Shipped. I paid $500 shipped...
  4. Genuine Honda 2017-2019 Civic Type-R Red Leather Shift Knob

    *SOLD* Genuine Honda 2017-2019 Civic Type-R Red Leather Shift Knob. - Purchased from Ike Honda, IL. Used on car for less than 500 miles. Decided to sell car and part out accessories. Knob is in amazing immaculate condition! Buy with confidence
  5. Invidia Q300 installed

    I messaged INVIDIA but no response? Anyone have any news on a potential US release for the q300?
  6. Invidia Q300 installed

    Want this to come to the US. I am interested
  7. Type r steering wheel removal

    Update: I bought a 3/8 breaker bar from Lowe’s and a 3/8 inch 10mm hex bit socket. This was more than enough to break the center bolt loose. I opened the driver side door. I stood outside the car with one foot planted on the ground and one inside car on the seat and gave one good pull and broke...
  8. Type r steering wheel removal

    Seems like breaking loose the center bolt is an area of concern. I am going to try to install my new steering wheel this weekend. Do people recommend buying an impact wrench? Impact driver? Or will a socket wrench or Allen key be enough to muscle it out?
  9. CTR at (or below?!!) sticker NICE LIST!

    This is awesome! I’m glad you were able to get it!
  10. SoCal: Looking to buy CTR, looking for best prices in SoCal

    CW 2019 DCh mission valley at MSRP. I bought mine there and I still talk to the sales guy. I have no affiliation to the dealership but that’s a great price.
  11. CTR at (or below?!!) sticker NICE LIST!

    fyi SAN DIEGO. DCH mission valley selling a 2019 CW for MSRP. I purchased mine here and my dealer follows up with me when he gets new ones in. His name is Sean Sailes. If anyone is interested tell than Jared from the forum referred you and they should cut the BS and games. Hope this helps someone.
  12. Who bought the Type R to keep it relatively stock form???

    Bought the car with the intent to mod. My prior cars were modified integra and s2000.... So far the car is completely stock... I was actually expecting the mod bug to hit hard but as i get older I’ve been more lazy/ more of a tight wad with my wad with my money! An exhaust would be first thing...
  13. where to order OEM trunk tray

    Might be worth checking. I purchased my Type R, and it didnt have a trunk tray. I called the guy who sold me the car, and he told me that the car should have come with one. He directed me to the part department and i went back in and they gave me one free of charge. Might be worth a shot...
  14. How many miles does your CTR have?

    purchased 10/30/18. Sitting at 540 miles.
  15. Carbon Zone Poland: Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

    Looks so good! Been looking at the buddy club but I just can’t get over the Buddy Club logo on the bottom. I would prefer this. It is much nicer, as it should be for more than double the price.
  16. Honda Civic Type-R Over sticker dealer naughty list.

    Awesome and pleasant surprise seeing the new R!!! Congrats on your new ride. Lets get some forum members together to go for a ride in SD! PS. that pic of all those black Type R's is crazy!!
  17. is the infotainment really that bad?

    I've had the car 2 weeks, and i have waited to respond to this thread. I can honestly say i am pleasantly surprised with how good the infotainment system is. my wife has a 2016 lexus NX 200t and my daily driver is a prius and the civic has a much better and user friendly system in my opinion...