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  1. Need help

    @civic_man Yes they would work! I would only get concerned if the offset is past 50. For 7.5" width I would get 215/45, 225/40/18 or 235/40 if you want a meatier look. I'm riding on 18x8", 45mm, tires 235/40 and it's perfect to me.
  2. Found a Scratch Today

    @Space Lord I wouldn't try touch up paint or Dr. Colorwiz or whatever. Try Meguiar's Scratch X with a good, clean microfiber in an up & down motion. Then put a layer of wax on after. If that doesn't work, a local pro detailer can get rid of most if not all of it with a machine polisher.
  3. Maintenance Minder: Dealership Suggestion in Toronto?

    Also, learn how to change your engine and cabin air filters. Easiest $40 you'll save. Most dealers can give you 10% off parts right off the bat. If not, Toronto Honda can give you 15% if you ask nicely.
  4. Maintenance Minder: Dealership Suggestion in Toronto?

    @civic_ex I would skip on the tire rotation and do it yourself if you have the tools. But yea, that looks like a B1 service. At my dealership, it's $229 plus tax so, $262. I get it serviced at my home dealer during the warranty period to avoid any hassle if I needed anything under warranty.
  5. Circular Upgrades?

    That would be the first thing I'd change. The stock rims are HEAVY at 28lbs- I'm on sport hatch rims myself. Enkei PF01s for example are 18lbs ea at 18x8.
  6. Any Coupe or Sedan owners regretting their purchase since the si is out?

    The Si has the CR-V engine. Different turbo and pistons than the ex-t, touring. On top of that it has: Variable ratio steering (not sure if the same) Helical LSD Adaptive dampers Bigger brakes- 12.3" up front Thicker stabilizer bars More rigid bushings and upper control arms shared with the Type R
  7. Any Coupe or Sedan owners regretting their purchase since the si is out?

    Hell no. Would rather get a WRX, GTI or GLI in that price range.
  8. Got pretty sick gas mileage last night in the sport touring

    I don't care about your mileage bro. I wanna know which cars you burned or walked away from on the highway.
  9. Originals tires are poor, Why ?

    I found Kinergy GTs to be decent. Ample dry grip for a 150hp commuter car, great in the rain, obviously sketchy in snow. But for a stock tire, I'm happy with them.
  10. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    @vixty Yea, that looks weird. Never had a problem w oem locks, but my 'hood isn't so rough.
  11. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    @Fanoflive That's really good. Did it come in black already? I would use black zip ties here, just under the black plastic crossbar so it's hidden.
  12. 2018 Honda Civics

    Probably just a volume knob. Maybe the same system in the CR-V.
  13. What brand of gasoline/octane?

    I also have an LX. Been using Esso 91 octane. I spend the money cuz it runs smoother and gets better mileage (more of the former). I get 2.5c/litre off using their privileges card tho.
  14. Dealerships Around GTA

    So far we've bought 3 cars from Action Honda. Honest and straight to the point. PM me for more info. Delivery was great- one car was taffeta white and had 0 rail dust, and service was always smooth. Tip- learn how to change your own air filters. Markham and Parkway Honda offered no discounts at...
  15. Ontario - Anyone have a hookup on Honda Parts / Wheels?

    My bad guys. The parts I got (lugnuts and locks) were interchangeable w other Hondas. The guy over the phone said if you punch in your VIN number you can have access to 2016+ parts. Prolly best to call em and ask for the discount and say they haven't answered ur email. They answered my emails 4...
  16. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    @ShuJam was that you on the 427S today?
  17. FS: 16-17 Civic Sedan RS Style Spoiler Wing - $200 Toronto/GTA

    Here's some pics of the same wing