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  1. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Thanks! It was 395 USD at MAPerformance.
  2. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Didn't do it today but recently I installed my new Buddy Club Time Attack steering wheel. Definitely love the quality of it and how much more comfortable in the hands it is. Its also far more nice to look at over the stodk wheel. If anyone was thinking of replacing the stock wheel, it is an easy...
  3. Who scored a Phoenix Yellow CTR Limited Edition?

    Sucks that you missed out! Would have loved to see it at the local 10thgen meets. Congrats to all that managed to get one. I completely forgot about the date so I didnt even get a chance to try and reserve one
  4. Thoughts on upgrading from a '19 SI Coupe to '20 SI Sedan.

    Yeah, its actually fairly simple. Just a few screws to get at it and just unplug a connector. Here is a video on how to do it:
  5. Thoughts on upgrading from a '19 SI Coupe to '20 SI Sedan.

    If the artificial noise bothers you too much, if you pull the glove box out, you can unplug the module for it.
  6. Can someone verify the authenticity of these TE37s?

    I believe around 14-15lbs for 17s. A rep would weigh more than 20 as they are cast.
  7. Can someone verify the authenticity of these TE37s?

    Hard to say for sure. The stickers look like those used on the old te37s and it does have the correct RaysEng and Made in Japan stamping on the back. One definite way to check is have them weighed.
  8. Aggressive Wheel Fitment Thread

    Any rubbing on that setup? I’m looking into 18x9 wheels with similar offset and a 245/35 tire.
  9. New reviews on hondata +9psi for civic X users

    When you let out the clutch your foot is still fully depressing the gas pedal, which will cause clutch slippage to get the engine and transmission to spin at the same speed
  10. Gen 10 2020 CIVIC boost?

    There aren’t any turbo kits, but if you go to a custom shop they can probably custom make one however that would be quite expensive. The easiest way however to increase power would be to add a tuning device, intake and down pipe. As far as I know only KTuner supports the 2.0 engine.
  11. Best websites for ordering aftermarket parts in Canada?

    you chose a great place to order from. Rick at garage16 has a massive inventory and usually has just about anything in stock. Garage16 and Teknotik are probably the best places to order from in Canada. Haven’t dealt with Jspec but I have also heard good things about them too
  12. New reviews on hondata +9psi for civic X users

    I only recently started using the Hondata As I switched from KTuner. I started with the +6 psi tune but my car didn’t seem to like it. Knock Control was high and knock count in cylinder 2-3 kept climbing up when accelerating at partial throttle. So I decided to try +9. I’ve put about 1400 miles...
  13. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Experience Survey

    I have only had it for a few months, but so far I am seeing it catch a little bit of blow by fuel vapours and oil. I make sure to check it every month. I pretty much have it as a preventative. I know from past vehicles that were direct injected, the engine got pretty gunked up when they had a...
  14. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Experience Survey

    Reposting with update again.. Vehicle: 2019 Honda Civic Si Coupé Total tuned time: 7 months Total tune mileage: 16,000 KM Tuning device(s) used: KTuner v2, Now using Hondata Tunes used: Currently using Hondata +6psi. Used to use Dual 19.5/23 psi tune, Custom tune that eases into the boost...
  15. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Finished all my driver comfort mods yesterday. Put the Acuity centering spring on my type r shifter to make it fully dressed up with Acuity goodies. Next step is lowering my car and putting a nice set of wheels on.
  16. Introducing ACUITY's New Performance Shifter Centering Spring!

    Just installed this yesterday on my Si. Install was actually super easy and the difference is definitely noticeable. Love how the shifter feels. Now once I finish my other mods I have lined up I will probably end up getting the full shifter assembly as I have only ever heard great things.
  17. GTA - Looking to test drive a CTR

    I'm jealous of that price. I wish it was that cheap. I would have bought the type r
  18. GTA - Looking to test drive a CTR

    4 different insurance companies and a broker quoted between 282-340 a month. That and the car payment made things really tight financially. My Si I am only paying 100 a month
  19. GTA - Looking to test drive a CTR

    If they have one in stock maybe Markham Honda? I know when I was car shopping I inquired about the type r and they let me test drive it. They knew I was a serious buyer because I was asking all sorts of questions and even had them run the numbers for me. Which after some serious thinking I...