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  1. FMIC for stage 1?

    Nope. You're pretty much good to go, the TSP Stage 1 works well with it. I've been running the 27WON FMIC since April and experienced pretty much no issues.
  2. Aftermarket Intercooler Survey

    Just curious, what are air runners?
  3. 27Won Front Mount Intercooler Review with Datalogs

    For me, I took my time with this install. I have never tackled this sort of installation before. Took me probably like 12 hours spread over about 4 days. You could easily get this entire thing completed in probably 4 hours if you didn't run into any snags like I did.
  4. FMIC for stage 1?

    Not necessary but nice to have. I got lower IAT2's and lower knock control with the 27Won FMIC. Power delivery is much more consistent.
  5. Aftermarket Intercooler Survey

    What intercooler are you running? 27Won FMIC What charge pipes do you have installed? 27Won's included charge pipes. Has turbo lag increased/throttle response increased since install? Stock turbo spools up pretty quick. Even with one of largest charge pipe diameters on the market, 27Won's...
  6. 27Won Front Mount Intercooler Review with Datalogs

    Rechecked the throttle body coupler and it almost popped off. It was very loose. You MUST push the charge pipe all the way over to the left (if you are facing the engine). This helps the throttle body coupler push inwards for correct fitment. I also popped off the front left fake vent to access...
  7. Trying to lessen rev hang

    Rev hang and Rev drop are technically two different things. If you want to lessen rev drop, get a Single Mass Flywheel. Bunch of threads about that on this forum too. I for one enjoy how KTuner works. Being able to turn on and off rev hang with a click of a button is great. It doesn't bother me...
  8. 27WON W1 Turbo for the ultimate daily driver?

    I'm aiming for similar power figures as you, 270 whp. But, I personally would add a catted downpipe to the list. I emailed Derek Robinson over at Innovative Motorworks (extremely popular 10th gen Civic tuner and the creator of the TSP Stage 1 tune) about the need for an upgraded downpipe and he...
  9. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Experience Survey

    Speaking of failures, I have seen 2 Si's on Instagram that have had transmission failures. Specifically 3rd gear. Not sure if they are here on the forum. One is fully built pushing little over 400 whp with the Pure Turbo Stage 2 turbo upgrade on E85 tuned on Hondata. Other is with a 27Won W1...
  10. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Experience Survey

    How did you figure out the 27Won W1 cracked? I myself am looking into running the W1.
  11. Secret Honda "message" I'm betting a lot. I've checked mine and I have the same one as well. There are also different designs too!
  12. 27Won Front Mount Intercooler Review with Datalogs

    Think I found the source. In a Subaru WRX forum, someone posted the exact same issue that I have. Cruising, no whistle. Once under boost, whistle. Some comments pointed out that the sound was coming from the throttle body clamps / coupler. I checked mine out, turns out the throttle body...
  13. 27Won Front Mount Intercooler Review with Datalogs

    Not yet, planning to do so this week. I'll update this post when I do.
  14. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Experience Survey

    There are many things that contribute to high knock control. Knock control is designed to go up and down. It's actually a safety measure. If you are pinned at 0.9 - 1.0 and above, constantly, that would be something to look at. On the topic of octane boosters, many tuners don't recommend...
  15. 1.5T Snap, crackle pop tune for a mere $5k (kind of a joke)

    "We really don't recommend you buy this. At all." I love DRob 😂 I think that has been on his site for a quite a bit as the last time I saw it was December of 2019.
  16. RV6 Performance Drop-In Turbo upgrade news!

    This is definitely going to be interesting to see. Wonder how it will compare to the 27Won W1.
  17. Anyone here actually like rev hang??

    I don't mind it. I normally just enable Cruise Main to turn on rev hang in low speed areas, such as neighborhoods. Then, just disable it to turn rev hang off when I'm out on the street. But lately, I've gotten used to not having rev hang and I haven't been jerking/bucking around when going...
  18. Gen X k20c2 E85

    I understand your example. But it's hard to expect direct answers when there is not a lot of research done on the K20C2 in the public community. I'm not trying to argue or anything, that's all I have to say. Good luck on your build and I look forward to seeing your progress.
  19. Gen X k20c2 E85

    OP, reacting so hostile to forum members who disagree with your plan to build a K20C2 is not the best look. He simply voiced his opinion on the topic. I know you asked for help and not criticism but come on, you can't really expect too much like that on an online forum. Just let it go and direct...
  20. 27Won Front Mount Intercooler Review with Datalogs

    Yes, you can remove the front fake vents to access the IC clamps. I just haven't set aside some time to do so.