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  1. F/S: Harness for OEM LED headlights conversion

    If you know how to use a test light, and are not completely new to wiring, it's simple.
  2. F/S: Harness for OEM LED headlights conversion

    As far as I know, you cannot buy that harness, although it is possible because I've done it myself. I have a bi-xenon retro fit in my Type R that uses a halogen based headlamp. I needed to source all the plugs off a base model civic, (luckily i found a wrecked civic and cut the plugs off), then...
  3. F/S: Harness for OEM LED headlights conversion

    Hmm. Trying flipping the plug to the blinker. A buddy bought my oem headlights and used this harness and has no issues.
  4. F/S: Harness for OEM LED headlights conversion

    I have a set of harnesses for sale. This harness is required when installing OEM LED headlights (Type R, Sport touring, 2020 si) onto a Civic that originally had halogen (all other models, older Si's). This harness is new, never used. Made by morimoto/the retrofit source. Asking $80 shipped...
  5. 2018 K20C1 Type R cylinder head

    True. But a bare core. Without valves, valve seals, valve seats, valve springs, retainers etc.
  6. Price Reduced >> BC Forged 18 X 9.5 +45 For Sale MINT

    Did you sell your exhaust with the car?
  7. 2018 K20C1 Type R cylinder head

    All jokes aside I replaced it with a complete 4P head.
  8. 2018 K20C1 Type R cylinder head

    The intake valves are actually clean. If you look at the intake ports you can see it's really clean. I'll try to get a better picture of inside the intake port so you can see the valves. If you're talking about the bottom of the valves/combustion chamber that's nothing.
  9. 2018 K20C1 Type R cylinder head

    Haha. D16z6 head actually. Single cam powaa
  10. 2018 K20C1 Type R cylinder head

    For sale is a stock K20C1 FK8 Type R cylinder head from my personal car. 6300 miles on the head. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. Has OEM valves, springs, retainers, guides/seals and cam caps. Perfect for someone who wants to build a head and not have any downtime sending their own out. Asking...
  11. Volk TE37SL 18x9.5+38 Matte Black

    I can always ship lol
  12. LED Tail Light Question

    I'm guessing that's how it is. It seems they cheapened out and rather than actually add a complete LED strip across the whole rear, they lit only the ends and made it reflect towards the middle making it appear to be fully lit. Unfortunately they failed. The headlights are the same way...
  13. J's Racing Exhaust Quality

    I wouldn't be surprised at all, considering J's headlights are manufactured in Taiwan by CoPlus. I get the whole "JDM" thing, but you can find better stuff in the U.S. tbh.