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  1. Mishimoto Oil Catch Can - Availability

    It's very easy to get to and unscrew the can, no need for a drain.
  2. Weather Tech mats for coupe.

    Front set, less than 3000 miles in car, not used in snow or rain. $80 shipped lower 48 plus PayPal fees or friends and family.
  3. Hondata Flashpro with TSP stage1 tune

    SOLD!!!!!!!!! Surprised no one here grabbed it, oH well
  4. Hondata Flashpro with TSP stage1 tune

    Thanks, had a few things come up so car is gone....someone will REALLY like this setup, it was awesome on my Si!!!!! You guy's and Derek did a great job!!!!!!!!
  5. Hondata Flashpro with TSP stage1 tune

    As the title says, unlocked and ready to go with the TSP stage1 tune for an Si. $400 shipped, lower 48. Firm, no offers, PayPal friends and family or regular and cover fees which isn't much.
  6. Type-r front Subframe brace

    TypeR and accord sport end links fit and are the same length just steel for the R and aluminum for the accord
  7. Performing first DIY service on Si

    Did my 1st oil change at 1600 miles, used Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5w30 and matching filter. It's factory fill for Ferrari North America more than needed for a Civic....BTW it's rebottled Shell Helix Ultra from Europe. Great price too.
  8. MAPerformance - Civic X 1.5t Performance Engine Build Thread

    So the OEM crank is forged? That's great to know. Great post BTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. MAPerformance - Hoping this exhaust gets you Civic Si owners excited!

    A cat/FP back exhaust will not throw a code no matter how it's made.race or not.
  10. Type-r front Subframe brace

    Must be just the hatchback and Si
  11. Type-r front Subframe brace

    The threads are recessed a tiny bit
  12. Best aftermarket exhaust?

    Tuning, turbo and recommended fuel, nothing to do with deleting any part of the exhaust except if the cat is deleted
  13. Best aftermarket exhaust?

    LOL, there will be NO increase in performance from a muffler/resonator delete, it is just for sound, catless DP there can be UP to 30hp but NOT from the exhaust.
  14. Type-r front Subframe brace

    This is the location on my Si coupe if it helps
  15. Type-r front Subframe brace

    There won't be one, just a threaded hole for one
  16. My New 2018 Civic SI is ticking pretty loud, Ktuner

    Lol, just wanted to see what was said, if he said he had hondata everyone would have blamed the tuner no questions asked
  17. My New 2018 Civic SI is ticking pretty loud, Ktuner

    KTuner issue.......and Shell is not always the best, I have the TSP STage1 tune and sent a data log to the tuner who said it looked like low quality much for the best gas....93 at cumberland farms runs better.
  18. Type-r front Subframe brace

    You need the brace and 2 flange bolts