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  1. Carvana offer lol

    I have sold cars to Carmax, Carvana, and Vroom recently. They will not bid against each other so just go with the highest. Their bids vary based on their stock at the time. Carvana and Carmax were super easy. Sold my Type R to Carvana mid 2020 for sticker. Sold my wife's Volvo V90 to Carmax for...
  2. Looking to buy CTR. Financing options for best APR?

    First of all, congrats on the new car. For those of you walking in with a check and paying cash, even with a pre approval at another bank, you are doing it wrong. The dealers make as much or more from financing compared to just selling the car. The trick is to negotiate the price and let them...
  3. Purchasing a 2021 CTR out of state questions

    You can always finance with Honda and then replace with your own financing when you get back to smooth out the transaction. I had an issue years ago buying an M3 out of state. Got to the dealership to drive it home and ended up having to finance through the dealership due to some...
  4. Type r spacers question

    I run 30 mm spacers on stock wheels at stock height and definitely get rub on big compressions. Doesn't really bother me though since it happens so infrequently.
  5. Ideal suspension mods for canyon carving?

    Several of the track guys on IG have said it took months of suspension tuning to make the car faster than stock. Even with high end coilovers and other mods it is not easy. Personally I have only put spacers on just because I could not stand how it looked with the stock offsets.
  6. EVO Car of the Year: Honda's Civic Type R in Top 8

    Pretty amazing to see two relatively inexpensive cars in the CS and CTR on this list. The CTR is truly one of the most entertaining cars I have ever driven.
  7. Buying a Type R FK8. Help and advice needed please!

    My CTR lives outside in the rain. No issues, it is a modern car. If rain hurt it there would be class action lawsuits in the US. Regarding tires, unless the temperature gets below 40 degrees F/3 degrees C consistently I wouldn't worry about All Seasons. It is normally 45 degrees F in the...
  8. How many miles did you get out of your OEM Contis?

    I got 11K miles out of mine. Didn't realize the inside shoulders wore so much faster than the outside. Both tires were down to the cords and my left front blew while driving. 7K of those miles were freeway driving from San Diego to Charlotte NC and back.
  9. CTR Long Distance Comfort

    Did a cross country trip in two days from Charlotte NC to San Diego CA. It wasn't terrible and better than expected. Seats were fine and since the tank is so small you will be forced to stop every few hours to refill. Car is definitely loud inside, but that is to be expected.
  10. CTR Pros and Cons... Worth the price?

    CTR is about as much fun as you can have in a new street car today. Motor is plenty strong in just about every situation and will spin the tires through second gear easily. The only place it feels a little down on power is at speeds 80+. The shifter is sublime and a thing of beauty. Seats...
  11. Looking to buy used CTR, what to look for

    Check the inside of the left front tire specifically. Ask me how I know.
  12. Toyo Proxes R888R?

    Very good performance, but very loud/harsh.
  13. ***Update second replacement hood dulling Seibon Carbon great company but this hurt!

    This is normal in most industries. They do not want sub par products with their name on them in the secondary market. In addition why should the original buyer profit from a warranty situation? Regarding the idea that dull/cloudy areas in carbon can be fixed, no they can't. Those flaws are...
  14. Help me decide--2019 CTR or 2018 M2?

    If that question was directed at me, it is the handling balance of the respective vehicles.
  15. Help me decide--2019 CTR or 2018 M2?

    The CTR is incredibly balanced, I can get mine to step the rear end out with lift throttle oversteer. Obviously power on oversteer is not an option, but power on understeer is only at the very tip of the limits. There is less understeer on power compared to my M4 as an example. One thing that...
  16. CIVIC TYPE R blown motor

    They can see the counter of how many times the ECU has been updated and know exactly how many times they have done it in service. No way this is getting warrantied and it is highly likely you end up looking like an idiot for even trying.
  17. Help me decide--2019 CTR or 2018 M2?

    CTR is more fun day to day and more useable on the street. Also has a functional back seat as well. I understand your concern about RWD vs FWD since I came from an M4 and also currently own a new M5. On public roads the CTR is just as quick/fast on back roads as either of them anywhere except...
  18. System Motorsport's 2018 FK8 Type R Build #13414

    What modifications to keep it from rubbing? Camber plates, fenders roll, liner modification?
  19. How often do you see the CTR?

    Funny, I am relocating from San Diego to Charlotte in a few weeks. I have seen way more in NC than Socal for some reason.
  20. PEEFREE's Civic Type R FK8 Build thread - Track / Street

    I have heard issues with just a rear wing change and no front splitter, major understeer as you experienced. Most people have trouble getting close to their stock setup lap times without a full setup. Might want to try going back to the stock rear wing until you add front aero.