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  1. Washing car in extreme heat

    ONR and 3-4 gallon of distilled water from super market you’ll thank me later
  2. Washing car in extreme heat

    Where in SoCal you from? I run a mobile detail in socal
  3. Ceramic Coating Fail?

    I do all of my paint correction and coating at home in my garage, my mobile is more of car wash\ceramic maintenance wash and baking cherry wax. I use Gtechniq CSL and EXO v4 prosumer grade coating that offer 3-5 years with proper maintenance. I offer 2 year warranty to my customers and I do...
  4. Ceramic Coating Fail?

    I do it full time, I do mobile detailing in socal
  5. Ceramic Coating Fail?

    Here another car I did, I have done about 24ish car’s using Gtechniq CSL and EXO v4
  6. Spray Bottles

    Griot’s Garage makes the best bottle and spray with fine mist.
  7. Ceramic Coating Fail?

    Here’s a taco I coated a few days ago, having a detailing light that put out 5 different color temperature is key and applying coating 15x15. The son must of applied coating to whole panel and wiping of the area missing spots
  8. Mods for neutral handling

    You got it all wrong. by upgrading rear sway bar you decreasing under-steering, rear end slide out when you left off gas correcting under-steer, by upgrading the front before the rear you actually increasing under-steer. Only Honda S2000 & RWD car upgrade the front sway bay first to decrease...
  9. Mods for neutral handling

    Yeah I went soft setting up front and full stiff in rear.
  10. Glaze and sealant 1st time

    I’m currently living in OC and yeah the water sucks compared to LBC. I also run a mobile detailing service that dose LBC and OC area. Check me out on instagram lb_glossworks System is getting water from spigot to garden hose into my system, everything is quick disconnected .
  11. Touchless Car Wash

    I’m currently running D.I Rinse Pro 100 that dose 3000ish gallons depending on TSD level of your water, system has a bypass valve built-in so you are able to wash with none filter water and filter water by switch the valve
  12. Touchless Car Wash

    Touchless Drive-thr carwash Pros - it’s touchless no brush or contact = No Swirls Cons - recycle water, high level PH soap that could strip away wax or degrade ceramic coating life, doesn’t clean will if your car is madd dirty. I do my own touchless wash, I contact once a month 1. Rinse the...
  13. Glaze and sealant 1st time

    I’m running a D.I Rinse Pro 100 Spot-Free water system hooked up to my Kranzle K1322TS Pressure washer very simple setup but pricey. D.I Rinse has bypass valves “red knobs” that let you use land water for the 1st rinse and switch the valves to spot-free for last rinse that simple. Here’s a link...
  14. Remove Ceramic Coating

    You could easily strip that coating by using Poorboy’s world strip down wax stipper follow by good panel wipe like Carpro Eraser since hydrocharge is a polymer base coating. I prefer Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light and EXO v4 over Carpro UK 3.0 the wipe off is smooth compared to Carpro UK 3.0...
  15. Glaze and sealant 1st time

    Looks good. I performed 1 step paint correction on my 7 years old Toyota Tundra using Sonax perfect finish top off with Ethos ceramic wax. The Ethos ceramic wax is still holding strong with no topper spray 4 months still bead up water. Btw I love detailing
  16. For those of you that have used Ceramic Spray detailers, which one do you prefer?

    For off the shelf product Griot’s Garage Ceramic 3-N-1 would be the beat buy. If you want something that last the longest with crazy hydrophobic property Carpro Reload.
  17. Mods for neutral handling

    I’m running whiteline 24mm Front & 26mm Rear and I love the way the car handle on some sticky 200 treadwear tires
  18. Ceramic Coating Fail?

    sounds like the shop you took it to only use 1 rag to wipe down the coating, pushing the coating around and not leveling coating with 2nd rag. btw not all coating is smooth to the feeling and some aren’t dependent on hydrophobicity, So that protection underneath will still be there even if the...