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    Hi, Im planning on selling my touring conversion for the Awe Exhaust (Civic Si). Functional, however their is scratches from airing out to the floor; which leads me to my 2nd point. I am selling as the muffler is way too big for my bag setup and I need to revert back to the track. local only...
  2. California D2 Coilovers Si

  3. California D2 Coilovers Si

    Th They were pretty good. Only took em off bc of LA roads.
  4. California D2 Coilovers Si

    I got a set of D2 Coilovers without bypass module for Civic Si. Only has 2k miles on them. Buyer pays for shipping (which is roughly $1depending where you live) so I prefer local. Price: $650 Location: San Jose, CA
  5. California HASPORT 62A RMM

    Sold. Thanks @AWildDugong for trading with me!
  6. ads bypass module

    When you remove the factory strut, you will see that you have to disconnect a wire. Reconnect the wire to the bypass module.
  7. California HASPORT 62A RMM

    Still on the car. I won’t remove until I find someone’s type r rmm.
  8. California HASPORT 62A RMM

    Hi, I'm selling a USED HASPORT 62A RMM. This came off a SI '20 with roughly 5-6k miles on it. I'm selling for $80 + shipping. Or I am willing to trade for a TYPE R / FK8 RMM + cash on your end. Let me know!
  9. ► Official Civic SI Aftermarket Wheel and Tire Thread

    Thank you bro! Niches appreciated! Grill is just a knock off J’s racing. The lug nuts are project Kics Leggdura.
  10. Wearelikewise

    It doesn’t fit correctly, I’d recommend to get their shift boot retainer. It looks better anyways.
  11. California BC Coilovers Extreme Low and Free Goodies

    It will come with Bc standard springs.
  12. California BC Coilovers Extreme Low and Free Goodies

    Civic si, sorry bro
  13. California BC Coilovers Extreme Low and Free Goodies

    Hi, I’m selling my BC Coilovers Extreme Low. What Model: 2017+ Civic Si Miles: 5k miles, less than 1 year old Location: Bay Area Shipping: Yes, I can ship but on buyers fee. (I do prefer local meetup) This will come with the BC Standard Spring Rates. Price: BC Coilovers: $750 + shipping...
  14. ► Official Civic SI Aftermarket Wheel and Tire Thread

    Thank you! I appreciate it ? Here’s the link to AirForce struts! I would highly recommend AirliftPerformance 3P or 3H. I was able to make a custom trunk setup to keep the OEM feel. I would also recommend two compressors just incase one of them fails! Maintenance...