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  1. Trouble At The Dealership...

    I drove with overfilled since FF so 10,000 miles. I finally had them put on the ticket, 'concerned oil was overfilled' and would you believe that something so trivial caused them to respond and when I checked (now will check right at the dealer) when I got home (big no no, always let the car...
  2. 1.5L V-Tec Turbo and 1.8L Thailand (Track Video)

    It's where the Hatch engines are built!
  3. Assembly line of FK8

    The CvT shifts faster than the non-CVT. Yeah it is slow off the line but everyone drives that way, so it feels totally conventional. Then it takes off like a bat out of a dark cave early in the morning or late nights etc. et al.
  4. What brand engine oil do you use?

    honestly, the FRAM Ultra with that synthetic media, along with full synthetic oil (at that time, I used QSUD 5w-30) was a tremendous combination. I am really tempted to pair this 0w-20 full syn (Idemitsu on deck) oil with that synthetic media filter cause it was like hot knife to butter. This...
  5. Does oil affect power?

    What oil brand and what weight was it? Yes, this has also happened to me when I used certain oils in cars previous to the civic like an old SC3 and 07 Accord v6. And it''s never been the big 3 of Mobil, Castrol or Pennzoil..It's always the off shoot or lesser known brands like QSUD and MC...
  6. Assembly line of FK8

    Oh Oh, Seam welded body? your stance is on thin ice.. Hatch has got 1. aero you must have missed the dual spoilers 2. stopping power brakes are almost aftermarket level like brembo 3. speed 0-60 in mid 6s 4. hp see above 5 torque see above 6. suspension you tell me what discernible...
  7. '17 Civic Steering Clunk

    11,000 miles of smiles driving and no lube needed. a factory freak, is what they call these type of cars? A car that performs above and beyond others, whats the phrase for that? factory phenom or something..?
  8. Assembly line of FK8

    You got a Swindon plant Hatch too but your drivetrain has had more issues then mine with the leaks in coolant and brakes and grinding of 1-2 gears and what am I missing...someone fill me in..
  9. "Coasting" with '18 Civic - seems to slow itself down

    haha tiring out your leg. Here is where one can understand the age old question of, is the glass half-full or half-empty. You see, it is akin or similar to how manual tranny stick drivers say automagics are autotragic, i.e boring blahblahblah but this proves that manual-driven cars can be...
  10. '17 Civic Steering Clunk

    Made in america. I'm sorry but I see so many of these issues that affect the sedan and coupe but not the hatch. It just needs to be said, deal with it. and I'm talking about the plants where these cars are made.
  11. Assembly line of FK8

    My Hatch's engine is built in Thailand and shipped to this Swindon UK plant for install. Instant upgrade. Another one is the UK plant itself, you see how they get down by taking their time and doing things in logical sequence and not being afraid to be unorthodox, cute and cuddly, with the...
  12. 2017 Civic Hatchback Oil Change Maintenance

    It is true, it shortens the life of the oil. I was amazed that the MM wanted my FF out in like 4000 miles. I reset it twice without changing it, only for the FF and never again, to get it to around 6000 miles and I felt comfy letting the FF go at that mileage Since then, it has been around...
  13. oil change every 6,000 miles???

    You don't need to do a UOA to know fuel dilution causes viscosity loss of the oil. your UOA at 4800 miles would have normalized, per the oil people, in another 1000 miles meaning you had another 1000 miles to create a hp monster had you left the FF oil in there for another 1000 miles!
  14. Auto High Beam Issue

    It has worked flawlessly for me. I did get a message about Auto high beam issue but it has never popped back up.
  15. FS SoCal: OEM Si Goodyear All Season Sport Tires

    I only like Hankooks and Contis and I forget those ones that are clones of Bridgestones.
  16. What brand engine oil do you use?

    I've seen the name brands burn when they are not in 0w-20. As far as Motul, people who stutter namely speech impediment, they pronounce Mobil like Motul. But seriously, these are the top 3 specs when you are gawking oil. 1. cst @ 100 or KV100 2. VI or Viscosity Index 3. HT/HS 4. seat of the...
  17. Should i replace my tires now?

    My Hatch (same body style as the R) came with All-season Grand Touring tires and are Made in Korea tires. Our winters have seen temperatures below 65 but above freezing (not even close) and I have somehow managed to use them year around and dealt with the loss of traction. Is this special?
  18. Engine oil has strong gas smell

    But if it reduces the viscosity, can it increase the wear metals? I can make an exception with the FF cause it has a lot of moly and moly is an anti-wear or VII? elaborate.
  19. JDM FK8 oil weight

    Looks like the full synthetic Honda or HGMO 0w-20 has been formulated right from the get-go if it is prescribed for the Type R as well as the run of the mill or should I say, garden variety Civics. Also, interesting that the oil deteriorates faster in the winter although I wonder if it also...
  20. Removing bird droppings with Quik Detailer and paper towels

    Instead of paper towels, how about running to the bathroom and rolling up a little bathroom tissue, they seem softer for obvious reasons but never tried it myself. The one time I had one bomb on the roof, I think I used some napkins with water to buffer ofcourse, you the one from those fast...