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  1. Possible reuse Honda amp for Touring/SI/R Premium system?

    Good work on researching that so thoroughly. I'm not too surprised that that's what you ultimately found. Since the majority of Civics don't have a factory amp, I think the number of people out there who would be willing to pay for such an item are too low to justify the cost of developing it.
  2. No Shark Fin Antenna in my 2019 Civic LX

    For cars without XM, the antenna is embedded in the glass of the back window:
  3. Learned the hard way? No audio after HeadUnit replacement

    I think all the speakers get the same amount of power, actually. Or, at least, have identical amplifier circuitry driving them. I think the subwoofer has a lower nominal impedance, so it could be getting more power from the same circuitry. I'm not 100% sure on that, but think about it - the...
  4. Voltage needed to start a car

    Jump-starting a car is really just starting a car with another car's battery, so the same voltage as a normal car battery should theoretically be enough, and that's usually 12.2 to 12.6 volts. But, there's some voltage loss in the jumper cables and the alligator clamp connections, so higher is...
  5. Learned the hard way? No audio after HeadUnit replacement

    Actually, I think I spoke too soon - from this thread, it looks like the CTKPHD02 may well allow re-using the Honda amp with an aftermarket headunit. It looks like it might be only sold in the UK, though.
  6. CTKPHD02 for 11/12 speaker system?

    Oh, I see what you mean now - like maybe that little box shown in the pic gets mounted up behind your aftermarket headunit and it turns the new headunit's analog output into digital and feeds it into the original SPDIF plug than runs down to the amp. Interesting. The antenna adapter at the...
  7. CTKPHD02 for 11/12 speaker system?

    The one that goes into the head unit is a double, true. My only guess is to keep you from being able to accidentally plug it into the spots where the terrestrial and satellite antennas go, since they use similar single connectors. But if the goal is to get rid of the factory headunit and keep...
  8. Learned the hard way? No audio after HeadUnit replacement

    Yeah, the amp wire diagram you have there is incomplete. Here is the full documentation of all the connectors on the amp for 10-speaker cars:
  9. CTKPHD02 for 11/12 speaker system?

    The connector that goes into the amp isn't a double like that one. though:
  10. Learned the hard way? No audio after HeadUnit replacement

    No This is a common misconception actually. The factory amp in the 10-speaker cars has 10 outputs, not 8. The two for the rear tweeters are on a separate connector from all the other speakers' outputs so people often overlook them.
  11. Learned the hard way? No audio after HeadUnit replacement

    Not exactly. It will get a little complicated. The new radio you bought has five outputs - front left, front right, rear left, rear right, and sub. Ok, technically six outputs since there are two sub outputs, but they're identical, so really just five. So you have five outputs but 10...
  12. Head Unit Dsp

    That Kicker LOC should do fine with the midrange speakers, I think. The mids get a signal all the way down to 20Hz, just at a diminishing level, so that LOC should be able to bring it back up. Are you able to make the problem better and worse but adjusting gains up and down?
  13. Head Unit Dsp

    The DSP in the 10/12 speaker premium system is done in the amplifier, not the headunit like it is in the base system. That's why you can't turn DSP off in the headunit. If there's a way to turn it off in the amp, no one has found it yet. Are you getting your signal for your subs from the...
  14. Learned the hard way? No audio after HeadUnit replacement

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there's nothing you can buy that would make this work with the factory amp. The factory amp only accepts a digital input signal on a non-standard plug. No one makes a headunit that has the proper output you would need for the factory amp's input, and...
  15. CTKPHD02 for 11/12 speaker system?

    It won't. You can tell from looking at the connectors in the picture that the connectors aren't right for the factory amp.
  16. Amp Out Harnesses

    Well, one thing to know is that the Type-R connectors are the same as other Civic hatchback models. So you don't need to look for anything specific to the Type-R, you just need to find the pin diagram for the hatchback. I've seen it posted here, but unfortunately I didn't save it since I...
  17. Amp Out Harnesses

    I think he's talking about this connector: If I recall correctly, the hatchbacks have two more pairs of wires in that connector for their little speakers in the C pillar, for a total of six pairs of rear outputs.
  18. I added the 2019 volume knob to my 2017 EX-L!

    My guess is the 5-button variant is from the Touring, since (in the U.S. at least), that is the only trim level that comes with built-in navigation, and the 5th button is "Map". That's an interesting idea. My car is a Touring, but I only got a 4-button screen because I didn't want to wait for...
  19. I added the 2019 volume knob to my 2017 EX-L!

    No, it looks identical really.
  20. I added the 2019 volume knob to my 2017 EX-L!

    I was never able to find a solution, though I didn't try very hard because it doesn't bother me much. The only thing I can add is that doing a reboot of the headunit when the display is in the wrong brightness mode (i.e. either too dark or too bright) does not help. I'm surprised to see the...