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  1. DFW

    How much did they charge to do this?
  2. DFW

    I’m about an hour away from there, otherwise I would reach out to them.
  3. DFW

    Does anyone have a Type R here with Eibach lowering springs. If so, where did you get them installed at?
  4. PRL Motorsports FK8 Civic Type-R Stage 1 Intake System

    @PRL Motorsports what are the chances we’ll get this before Oct 15th?
  5. PRL Motorsports FK8 Civic Type-R Stage 1 Intake System

    @PRL Motorsports I WANT but I have an Eventuri intake and not sure how the fitment would be
  6. DFW

    I traded my SI in for a Type R but when I had them, they were amazing could see everything and I really enjoyed the color of the lights.
  7. DFW

    The low beam headlights I was running were the ones from Opt7
  8. DFW

    Go to Honda of Fort Worth. Ask for Frank Perry and tell him Luis, the guy who bought the grey Type R sent you. He sold me my SI and would later end up selling me my Type R he’s a really good guy and he went above and beyond for me to be able to get my Type R. They were asking for between 42k and...
  9. DFW

    I’ll be honest man, the Type R is terrible for road trips and long distance daily driving. The seats are not comfortable by any means. You can hear absolutely everything on the road as far as road noise goes and for it being a 4 cylinder it’s not so great on gas. I love my Type R but I figured...
  10. DFW

    Parking lot closest to the gate, there’s a black one and a white one, I’m the grey one. The white and the black one are on dayshift. Never saw the black one till today.
  11. DFW

    Who’s the black Type R in the lockheed parking lot?
  12. PRL Motorsports FK8 Downpipe Development & Pre-Order

    @PRL Motorsports how much power can we see without a tune when you combine the catless downpipe with your front pipe?
  13. DFW

    Anybody doing any track events?
  14. Jacksonville, FL

    Anyone want a PRL Intercooler $680 shipped brand new in box?
  15. Who's in SD?

    Anyone want a prl intercooler $680 shipped brand new still in box. Sold my SI and need to sell it.
  16. DFW

    Lol want an intercooler for her?
  17. Houston

    Anyone want a prl intercooler $700 shipped?
  18. DFW

    Anybody want a PRL Intercooler brand new never used for $700? Let me know.
  19. PRL Motorsports Bolt-On Big Turbo Upgrade Kit

    I have now understood the PRL timeframe. Kinda like when a girl tells you how many guys she’s been with, just take that number and add 3 and that my friends is known as PRL Time. 3 what you may ask? Who knows 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months... 3 years... you’ll never know.
  20. PRL Motorsports Bolt-On Big Turbo Upgrade Kit

    @PRL Motorsports :coffee: