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  1. Texas Civic getting sold in 4 - 6 weeks parts for sale.

    Has the mirror been fully sold yet?
  2. South Carolina WTB: 27WON FRONT PIPE

    Although not a 27Won FP, I have a PRL 3” FP I’m letting go of you were interested.
  3. California FREE: Civic Sedan Diffuser

    I don’t remember if I made a post on this or not but I’m letting go of my stock diffuser. For free. It’s in great condition. I’ve been running an aftermarket one and I don’t intend to switch them out again. So although it’s free, you’ll just have to make your way to me or we can meet up rather...
  4. Florida WTB Springs

    Stock or aftermarket?
  5. California FS: PRL Front Pipe

    Yeah I didn’t run the correct gasket at one point
  6. California FS: PRL Front Pipe

    Riverside county
  7. California FS: Civic Sedan Tail Lights

    I got it on eBay years back. I don’t have a link anymore as the seller I bought from no longer offers this piece
  8. California FS: PRL Front Pipe

    BUMP. Willing to let go for $275 picked up locally. Shipped shipped $315
  9. California FS: Civic Sedan Springs

    BUMP. Open to offers
  10. California FS: SI Steering Wheel

    B U M P
  11. California FS: Civic Sedan Tail Lights

    BUMP. PRICE DECREASED TO $260, local pickup.
  12. California FS: Civic Floor Mats

    BUMP PRICE DECREASED TO $60 local pick up.
  13. California FS: Spoon Sports Mirror (Driver Only)

    Considering full price of a brand new set is $120 + shipping, I think I’ll stick with $40 shipped for half the set. Otherwise, this item is still available, ty!
  14. California FS: Civic Sedan OEM Diffuser

    Hello all, I’m looking to get rid of my factory rear diffuser from my 2017 Civic EX-T Sedan. It’s been taking up space. Have been running my aftermarket one for 2.5 yrs and I have no intentions of swapping them out as I would have to cut through my exhaust. Willing to provide pics upon request...
  15. California FS: Civic Sedan Springs

    I have my original springs from my civic im looking to let go since I’ve been running my Eibachs for almost 2 years now and I don’t want to go through the trouble of swapping them. Looking for $40 picked up locally. Can include pics upon request. Again, these are coming from my 2017 Civic EX-T...
  16. California FS: SI Steering Wheel

    Still available
  17. California FS: Civic Floor Mats

    B U M P
  18. California FS: PRL Front Pipe

  19. California FS: Civic Sedan Tail Lights

    B U M P Still available
  20. California FS: Spoon Sports Mirror (Driver Only)

    B U M P Still available