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  1. Rumors swirl.... 2016 Civic Si 2.0T with about 230hp.

    Interesting article. But even so, the article goes on to say that they expect DCT to rise to 5% of total car sales by 2020. Has the DCT in the ILX been well received and had any real issues?
  2. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Damn sorry to see. That will be a tough one for PDR to take out. The flatter the surface that the dent is in, the easier a repair is. Probably little difference when you get tint done (before or after fix), but maybe wait until after since the car might be in a body shop and out of your...
  3. Debadged.

    If you're going to debadge, the earlier and newer the car the better. The adhesive is easiest to take off the newer it is. After it's been on the car for years the adhesive is more likely to come off in pieces and leave more residue.
  4. Headlight film?

    That's a lot of high speed miles so I would do it too if I were in your shoes. Imagine just one winter with all the dust, dirt, salt, and other wintry crud that the front end will have to deal with. Money well spent IMO. Go with a high quality clear bra and you should be fine in car washes. The...
  5. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Looks good! Car looks sinister. Can't wait to see more pics.
  6. White 2016 Civic with Underbody Spoilers accessories

    Looking forward to seeing just the side underbody spoilers installed.
  7. Win a 2016 Civic Design Contest

    I have no artistic bone in my body but if anyone here designs something post it up.
  8. Unofficial 2016 Civic (WHP) dyno, 0-60 mph and quarter mile time

    Why did switching to regular end up significantly less MPG? Doesn't the ECU just retard timing resulting in less power? Never knew that would decrease MPG as well.
  9. Unofficial 2016 Civic (WHP) dyno, 0-60 mph and quarter mile time

    I quote another member from the European 1.5t engine thread in the engine forum: The 1.5l is a VTEC in name only, as covered in depth by Paul Tan in the original article that's...
  10. Manual 1.5t delayed until 2017 model year

    Don't know what they're smoking at Road & Track but Honda has always mentioned in its Civic press releases that "Si models" are coming. That includes this latest press release introducing the Civic Coupe.
  11. A look at how faithful 2016 Civic Coupe is to the Concept

    What's amazing is they managed to get it even tighter looking and shorter than the concept. That almost never happens when you are talking about a concept car versus a production car that has to deal with the realities of legroom, trunk space, etc.
  12. Orange/copper vinyl wrapped 2016 Civic sedan

    Not a color for a sedan. Coupe might look good in something more wild like this.
  13. De-chromed '16 Civic coupe

    I don't like chrome on cars in general but there are certain colors that it actually looks better on than black parts. This blue color might be one of them. I think if you go with black trim on the blue, the wheels can't be that bright. Looks off together.
  14. Serious Dillemma: Is '16 worth $3500-4000 more than '15

    Because CVT transmissions have traditionally been bad. But also because most people haven't the one in the new Civic. Everyone here who has driven one or owns one has nothing but good things to say about it. The one in the CivicX is not like most CVT out there.
  15. Loved the new EX. But the Mazda 3 has a great deal??

    Good to hear the Civic was both more comfortable and responsive. Usually those two don't go together in cars. Those are lease rates? Check out this good thread on the CivicX vs the Mazda3 which might help you decide 2016 Honda Civic vs Mazda3 Sedan Comparison
  16. 2016 Civic sedan wing spoiler first real life look

    Any bigger and I think it wouldn't fit the nature of a sedan. Reason I like it is because it's sporty without being overdone or boy racer-ish.
  17. Purchased Touring model last Friday

    That'd be going against what they're trying to achieve with the Sport setting though - the gear changes giving you more of a feeling of a traditional sporty car accelerating, rather than feel like an electric car accelerating in a single gear. Heres a question for anyone who knows. Does the...
  18. Picking up EX at dealership now. [owner journal]

    Please document and post a DIY if you'll be installing it yourself. :thumbsup: And lots of photos too. Hard to tell how good it looks with the 1 pic Honda has on the website.
  19. What if the 2016 Civic Coupe Prototype was fitted with some Concept parts

    Yea the differences are mostly in the bumper and rear spoiler as your photoshop shows. And the black tape covering the C pillar window trim makes a significant difference. Makes the rear 1/3 of the car look extra big. If any aftermarket company is smart they'll just copy the concept bumpers as...
  20. Honda US site updated with 2016 Civic

    Would be amazing but that has to be a typo?! Probably mixed up the #'s. The specs thread here lists the LX as 2742 pounds. Which makes more sense. At 2472 pounds the LX would be almost 500 pounds lighter than the Touring (which is 2924 pounds).