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  1. Exhaust advice

    I purchased an ark exhaust over their Black Friday sale. First few days it was installed I thought “fuck, that’s loud” but then it kinda breaks in and calms down. Love the tone now. Super deep at low rpm, but wails as it goes up the tac. Plenty of burbles and crackles. I think it’s less nasally...
  2. 27Won W1 turbo charger install Help!

    Might want to email Vincent directly, he can probably help you out even if you didn’t buy direct.
  3. USA-001 Limited Edition CTR raffled to the public (via charitable donation entry)

    Yea, I think only 15% only goes to the charity if you read their t&c’s for experience-related prizes. Everything else goes to marketing budget and operating costs. Pretty sure the winners are legit tho and it’s still better than nothing, but I think omaze is primarily used as a publicity...
  4. NorCal Performance shops?

    Just a follow up here, apparently Bains Tuning in San Jose does remote dynotuning with Derek. I haven’t reached out to them yet but might in the future to dial in the e-tune I did (and to get some #s)
  5. NorCal Performance shops?

    I tried emailing them a while back, they told me they wouldn’t work on my car. They said they focus on Subaru/Nissan only. Not sure if it was just my luck or if they’ve changed their minds since then but just a heads up.
  6. L15B7 swapped into an EK Civic

    They’re working on a swap kit! It’s been 2 years but it sounds like they’re getting pretty close :
  7. Is 27won turbo even worth it?

    27won turbo can be run with the cvt. @[email protected] confirmed this himself: You should be fine running your bolt-ons without anything custom (though i'd still keep an eye on fuel trims etc over time), but you will definitely...
  8. To replace my sport hatch: Si, sport hatch or Elantra GT?

    Si is probably the right choice for you based on what you’re currently considering. Sedan has plenty of space and will fit most of what fits in the hatch with the seats down. Considerably faster with the TSP tune too and decent aftermarket support if you want it. But if you’re considering the...
  9. Rotor recommendations?

    So in order of streetability - green, red, yellow, blue. Each gets progressively more aggressive? Thanks for the Rec, maybe I’ll give those a shot when I switch out the rotors.
  10. Rotor recommendations?

    what’s the difference between the different EBC colors/pads? is the red stuff decent for street use too?
  11. Rotor recommendations?

    Thanks for the replies! To summarize - sounds like I don’t need slotted or drilled and should check out stoptech, r1 concepts or stick with OEM. Thermal capacity will be a limiting factor no matter which rotors I pick if they’re the same size as OEM, will need to grab a BBK if that becomes an...
  12. Rotor recommendations?

    Hey all, Changed out my brake pads to hawk hps 5.0 earlier this year which have been working pretty well. I’m now looking to upgrade rotors for mostly daily duty and canyon runs, any recommendations? any sense going for slotted/drilled if I’m not going to the track? I’ve been looking at a...
  13. ILX or Integra Type S

    Yea, and the base will probably use the Si tuned 1.5T. Too bad we all know they’ll be autos since they already have manual transmissions to suit both!
  14. The Official ACUITY Instruments CivicX product launch thread!

    Biggest difference I noticed was the strength of the centering spring, it’s significantly beefier than the stage 2 one. Knob height adjustment is also nice and not available with the stage 2 kit. Acuity said that setting 3(of 5) for the gate spacing and throw distance is roughly equivalent with...
  15. TSP Stage 1 & 27WON Turbo with no bolt ons?

    I haven't gotten a chance to dyno it yet. I asked Derek for a rough guess, but I'm sure he hates getting questions like that since I didn't get an answer lol. I may or may not end up dyno-ing, but I don't know if it would matter much since I didn't do a baseline run before I got everything...
  16. TSP Stage 1 & 27WON Turbo with no bolt ons?

    This is literally my current setup, I just had the 27won turbo and ctr clutch retrofit installed at the beginning of the year in addition to my existing prl intake and intercooler. Car’s been e-tuned by drob and is close to the final calibration. Drives great, definitely a lot more power up on...
  17. Exhaust Poll - How Likely Are You to Upgrade?

    Ideally, I’d really like a valvetronic system hooked up to sport mode, but I know I’m asking for quite a bit without paying a lot of $$. Will certainly be looking to upgrade to either AWE, 27won, or thermal once this whole madness is over and I can save up a bit more.
  18. Honda should have made an Si hatch

    Would have loved if the current Si coupe was made as a liftback/sport back like the rsx, might’ve helped bridge the gap without needing to alter the current hatch lineup. +1 for 2 door hatches!
  19. Clutch Install places or people

    Got a similar price from Motorsport technique in Hayward. They’ve done some good work for me in the past and the guys are pretty nice but the work hasn’t been cheap. Had a similar experience trying to get in touch with Blacktrax. One guy I met at a show said sometimes you literally need to...
  20. Bay Area - Car Meets/Cruises?

    Saw a bunch of folks over at west lake in Daly City tonight. Anyone here from the forums go? Was trying to figure out what the meetup was but didn’t stop by to ask.