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  1. All the aftermarket cooling mods for 1.5T with data.

    I follow, nice post, just to be sure to buy stuff that works for real!
  2. TSP stage 1 mileage

    In my hatch 1.5 T mt I haven't sport button, just ECO button, is the same as pressing SPORT?
  3. New to KTUNER suggested settings for a 1.5T MT?

    ok, I know what you mean. I try to put my question in a different way, for a newbie of Ktuner, what setting you suggest for starting? Just load a base tune ?
  4. New to KTUNER suggested settings for a 1.5T MT?

    Im totally new to Ktuner, great device! Anyone has a list of "best quick settings" configuration ? I've started using the 2.1 dual BETA but like to play with settings (I assume is safe) Best settings for a safe and fast start?
  5. Hands on with TSP's Stage 1 tune for the 1.5T (non-Si)

    So after reading ALL the 3d... - Ktuner dual 21 is more "full" and enjoyable at low RPM, so better for city and country road. - TSP stage 1 is better in highway or fast road, but less enjoyable at low RPM At last: ktuner dual 21 is more smilar to a turbodiesel car, TSP stage 1 more to an old...
  6. Ktuner dual 2.1 VS TSP stage 1

    I have Ktuner up and running and usually I use the dual 2,1 psi map. I have heard about the TSP stage 1 map and Im asking if is better what difference I can expect from TSP tks
  7. Auto Start&Stop Disable

    interested too!
  8. is Ktuner safe ?

    Just installed and Ktuner is up and running I've loaded the beta dual map. I know can be a stupid question, but 21 psi is safe for everyday use? Or is better if I choose a lover PSI map (not dual)? Lowering PSI for each gear (for ex 16 for 1st gear, 17 for 2nd) is a wise option for safety of the...
  9. TunerView and TunerView Lite 1.6.1

    oh done! it works, now only thing I miss the autoconnect function, don't seem to work
  10. TunerView and TunerView Lite 1.6.1

    just installed KTUNER and TunerView lite in the Head unit of my 1,5 turbo. How I can connect to the Ktuner unit?
  11. Civic 1.5 Turbo m.y 2019 and KTuner

    Ok, just to clarify... what you mean for "application page for the vehicle"? The printed manual ? Is unclever to me.
  12. Civic 1.5 Turbo m.y 2019 and KTuner

    Tks alot. How I can verify if my ECU is supported? Another question, is mandatory to use premium fuel? Or is just "better" ?
  13. Civic 1.5 Turbo m.y 2019 and KTuner

    Hi, I like to buy a KTUNER device for my Civic 1.5 T hatchback, EU If I buy the device, which tune come straight with the purchase? Is advisable to buy some other tune? Sorry for newbie question, but at last I can have the stock map and a modified one available togheter? I can switch map on the fly?
  14. Obd 2 - Torque - Civicx

    Hi, I have mounted an OBD2 adapter in my Civic 1.5 Turbo. If I use Torque on android phone all is working fine (I haven't choosed the right set of istrument yet) Then I have loaded Torquea pp on my Civicx head unit (honda hacked). App is loaded correctly but I cannot find a way to hook my...
  15. Turbo meter on 1.0?

    not even on my hatch 1.5 sport +
  16. Installation of RED Honda Emblems on my Hatchback Sport

    hi panda! many thanks for your video. I have a problem, you seem to remove the old emblem easily using just a credit card. In my civic they are very hard to remove using the card and I dont want to damage anythng You have done somnething before removing emblem with the credit card?
  17. 1 thing you hate about your 10th gen civic?

    The electric handbrake is a mess