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  1. Front Bumper Scratch/Curb Rash - Civic Si WOP

    Oh the pen price isn't too bad at all! Hmm I feel like since I'm driving on some poorly maintained local roads often, I'll probably encounter such a thing again. Might not be the best idea to keep spending ~$400 everytime I get something like this. I guess I'll call around for now and see if...
  2. Front Bumper Scratch/Curb Rash - Civic Si WOP

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write that! I'll ask some body shops around and see what their quotes are but if it's too high, then I'll go with option 3. For option 3, how much do you think the dealer would charge for it? Otherwise LOL to option #4, I guess that would be my last...
  3. Front Bumper Scratch/Curb Rash - Civic Si WOP

    Had the car for a few months now and all was going well, until I decided to drive on some local roads in Staten Island. Unfortunately, there were some deep potholes and I missed avoiding one :( I heard a terrible sound that makes your hair stand up and welp, this happened: I read that in...
  4. Ktuner v2 for sale 550 shipped 510 pick up!

    You can always divorce ;) If you flash Ktuner back to stock, you get the option to 'Unlock' from the ECU. From there. you can pair it to any ECU again. This goes into more detail:
  5. Interior Cleaning Supplies

    A lot of people recommend Griot's Interior Cleaner. I personally just use ONR to wipe the inside and use 303 Aerospace UV Protectant and apply it to the trims and whatnot. Keeps dust off too!
  6. FS: Ktuner V2

    PM'ed you!
  7. VitViper Products are all gone

    Thank you so much! I also see on your description that you have KTuner V2 - Would you say it is worth it? I understand it's more of an opinion/preference but I would like to hear both sides. Thanks!
  8. VitViper Products are all gone

    Ah thank you so much! I was planning on reading after I buy but I guess it doesn't hurt to read before. Appreciate everything :)
  9. VitViper Products are all gone

    When you guys say quick adjustments, what exactly are you referring to? I'm completely new to this so I would just like to know. Are the adjustments like the things already included in the basemap or is it like literally quick adjustments that I need to make on top of the basemaps?
  10. VitViper Products are all gone

    Ahh ok thank you so much! For now I think I'll get the basemaps and try to do some adjustments (anything you recommend or should I scour this forum?) and drive it for a bit before committing to a combo. Gotcha, thank you for clarifying! I guess I will go with that for now and then down the...
  11. VitViper Products are all gone

    Ah, thank you everyone for your inputs! I wanted a generic tune for now that would help be more fun to drive daily - and I heard Vit's Stage 1 tune did exactly that without any additional cost. I plan on getting mods like PRL CAI and FP/DP down the road though along with a custom tune. I think...
  12. VitViper Products are all gone

    I was about to purchase the Stage 1 combo for the Ktuner and VitTuned combo, but I noticed that I just got a 404 page not found. Then I just went to the products and realized they were all gone ( So I'm guessing that he's focusing...
  13. Crunching Sound When Shifting?

    I have the same thing too. It clicks when shifting out of gear to neutral and into a gear, usually from 1st -> 2nd and 2nd -> 3rd. So like if I'm shifting from first to second, the sound comes when I move the gear from 1st to neutral (click #1) and then from neutral to 2nd (click #2). Shifting...
  14. Jpaik

  15. Central NJ?

    I work near Freehold/Jackson so that could've been me if you saw on Rt 9 :)