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  1. Honda R&D officer says 2.0L turbo VTEC launches next March for U.S.!

    Eh..... not really buying it, a separate engine and completely different drivetrain configuration all for a niche vehicle (Type R). Unless they plan for this to trickle down to the Si which I dont see happening I highly doubt this is accurate. The costs that would go into developing AWD is too...
  2. Concept style LED light strip

    The shape of those would actually work with the CivicX's front air intake shape, as long as it's a model without fog lights. Haven't seen anything in aftermarket for it yet but it's still early.
  3. Installed decklid spoiler on 2016 Civic!

    Me likey. Good in-between option between the more subtle trunk lid spoiler of the Touring model and the aggressive Wing Spoiler. This is installed with just 3M aero tape?
  4. What modifications are you planning?

    Plenty of modified Type Rs. I assume you plan to buy the CTR when it comes out, curious how it will fit with the mix of cars you have. The Mustang will be the DD?
  5. WHY is Honda KILLING the MANUAL TRANNY (FUN FACTOR) on such a beautiful car?!

    I forgot where I saw but on this forum someone pointed out the CVT may actually be cheaper or same cost to produce as the manual. Even if it is more, if it is not much more, they could still choose CVT for the entry level model since it gets better fuel economy (which is even more important for...
  6. First modified 2016 Civic Sedan - by Galpin Auto Sports

    I'm not really seeing how this is riced out. In fact the only thing rice about it is the color but it seems they were just trying to emulate the concept's color. The 19" Bathurst wheels are not anything crazy, pretty basic 10 spoke brushed nickel wheels, slightly lowered, blacked out chrome. If...
  7. WHY is Honda KILLING the MANUAL TRANNY (FUN FACTOR) on such a beautiful car?!

    This. I am willing to bet the Civic X is the last generation to have a standard non-performance trim that is offered with a stick shift. It's either all CVT or CVT+DCT after this platform gets retired. The only people actually driving manuals anymore are older (Gen X and older) that learned to...
  8. 2016 Civic coupe vs sedan weight and rigidity / stiffness difference?

    Ok I wasn't as interested in this info before but I may have flipped my interest to the coupe after seeing it. So the Q&A says the coupe should be lighter than the sedan because it's shorter. How much weight do you think it saved and will the MPG be better because of the lighter weight?
  9. 2016 Civic Coupe... not until next year.

    Just remember they still have the hatchback, Si, and Type R to show all within 18 months. The coupe and sedan will share the most similarities and least amount of differences in terms of trims, powertrain, suspension, body style etc, and they are the volume sellers so it makes sense for Honda to...
  10. 2016 Honda Civic Coupe Caught Undisguised!

    Remember the leaked sedan pics of the Car and Driver test car the day before the debut? A lot of people kind of freaked out since the car looked so dingy in the pics. Seeing it under the showroom lights, cleaned up and presented the way it should be, was a huge relief. I think the coupe will...

    Very interesting stuff. "Have the customer drive the vehicle in Sport Mode if they have concerns about the CVT transmission." I love getting an inside look at Honda's own fear, doubts, uncertainty and how they perceive the vehicle compared to the competition.
  12. Rendered: simplified FC1 face

    I think the simplified version is too plain. I like everything about the actual CivicX front end except the center bar would look better in black chrome, and the front side air intake covers should match, either both covered or both mesh.
  13. 2016 Civic Si available March 2016, Type-R info/preview at 2016 Geneva Motor Show?

    I think that's what a lot of ppl will be surprised by - how hardcore the Type R is. I've never driven it of course but from some reviews it sounds almost like a streetable track car.
  14. Dealer says on-sale date is November 4

    That's a day after the SEMA show starts. A coupe reveal along with news that sales officially starts the next day? I sure hope so!
  15. Official MODERN STEEL METALLIC Civic Thread

    Agreed but none of the colors save for the Rallye Red are that bold. They are all relatively safe and subtle colors, but nice nonetheless. I think modern steel looks great in strong sun/lighting but pretty pedestrian otherwise.
  16. Poll: Will Si and Type R remain manual only?

    My bet is they start the CVT phase-in and manual phase-out with the Si. Not as standard (yet) but maybe manual becomes optional.
  17. Are 2016 sedan exterior dimensions available?

    You can make a pretty good guess at it. Width is said to be 2 inches wider than the current one. Length is more unknown and everyone has been guessing it increased 1-2 inches. We know the wheelbase is 1 inch longer but they also shortened the front overhang so still remains to be seen what the...
  18. First look 2016 Civic review and price details from press launch

    Wow. That almost read like an advertisement from Honda. If I wasn't excited enough that really put me over the edge. It sounds like it is embargoed for 2 weeks for Honda to slowly release all of the info and specs. Gonna be fun!!
  19. Spotted: 2016 Honda Civic Sedan FULLY Revealed!

    Wait to see it under the showroom lights in some different colors. Bet it'll blow some people away. I've already seen some positive reactions on a few forums I visit. I'm also willing to bet we see a lot more of this car before Wed. It seems like Honda is not hiding it, parading it around in fact.